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Freddie Fiers

San Francisco, United States


Don’t ask the question, let me define what I do, where I’m from and who am I.

Freddie Fiers Pronounced like Fierce, as I am with my jams your soul is pierced! With vibration, when I’m not teaching the true or reaching the youth elevating I’m working on my music, breakdancing or skating, Graffiti writing yes painting, honing my craft as you can see I’m Omni-passionate with many many paths!

I believe in hard work, putting time in. Sweat Capital, practicing, working the in the night club industry as I’m a night owl.Networking, contributing learning the business

sharing the stage with many talented musicians TJR, Lucky Date and Destructo,

CZ boogie, Dj Heather, Midnight Conspiracy though there are many more to list but you get the Gist. I’ve put in my work 10,000 hours at this! Throwing events from here to the Chi-Town, permitted events to Underground.

Currently I’m working on ep, extended play for my labels Ghetto Division and TreeHouseTribe Records, hit mo spots than leopards, flight miles might amaze ya’ making laps from Chicago to Asia, mostly i’m seen in the scene in the Philippines as well as nor Cal where I currently reside now.

I’m excited about the future, more teaching and rocking shows expanding my biz, forever role modeling for the kids. Traveling to more foreign places to get down, can’t wait to expose the whole world to my sound. Keep up with me on my socials, stay in the loop I’m always dropping tunes, and flics to keep things fresh and new. Also to keep you in loops, as we’re always in to something

Thank you for taking the time to read this, learn someone new like..

Freddie Fiers! The lady of the hour,

The maker of the tracks that move and empower!

I recently graduated from Berklee School of Music for Music Production & currently studying Music Business.

Currently I am with a few different local Bay Area crews such as

B.A.E Krew // Underground Nation // Bass Lab // After Hours Oakland