Freakygroove is an electronic music producing duo comprised of DJ Tweeter and DJ Wask. They have been producing tracks for over 5 years through various independent projects... read more


Location: Santiago, Chile Chile
Genre: House

Freakygroove is an electronic music producing duo comprised of DJ Tweeter and DJ Wask. They have been producing tracks for over 5 years through various independent projects. Since forming part of the line up at Earthdance in 2001 and 2002 they have consolidated themselves as a promising live act and have since played at Chile’s most prestigious venues and also throughout South America.

The Freakygroove SET

The Freakygroove sound can be described as a journey combining sensual house and techhouse with extreme electro beats. Their live act set lasts from 1 to 11/2 hours, with enough energy to put on their show on different stages in one night.


In Chile, the panel of judges who chose the winner of this international contest included: Tiesto, MISS MOTIF, SMOKIN’ JO AND LE BLANC who unanimously described the Freakygroove Live Act as a “flawless show”, and an “orgasm for your ears”, among many other positive comments which were posted on Heineken Thirst’s international website.

On March 11, after reaching the semifinals and subsequently going on to become winners of Heineken THIRST04, Freakygroove were given the opportunity to do their set as a warm up for DJ TIESTO in Chile. They came on after Smokin’ Jo and before TIESTO, showing the 5000-strong crowd why Freakygroove were nominated best live act on Chile’s electronic music scene.


Freakygroove have played alongside the following Live Acts in Chile: Faithless, Chemical Brothers, Groove Armada, Infusion, Swayzak, Death in Vegas, among others.


Freakygroove have also put on their show as a warm up set for the following DJs:

Tiesto, John Digweed, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Dj Falcon, Justin Robertson, Josh Wink, Layo and Bushwaka, Filterheadz, Savvas Pascalidis, Graham Gold, among others.


Being regarded as one of the most respected Live Acts this last year Freakygroove were invited to play at the following Festivals: LUCKY STRIKE FESTIVAL (LIMA, PERU), main room. CREAMFIELDS 2004 (CHILE), outdoor stage with Groove Armada and Paul Oakenfold. SOUTHFEST 2004 (CHILE) (Sasha, Hernan Cattaneo, Howells)

SUE (Santiago URBANO ELECTRONICO) main room with Death in Vegas, Blondie, Rinocerrose. MOONTOUR, SUNTOUR DE ENTELPCS OPEN RAVE 2003. 25.000 people, held in front of Chile’s Presidential palace EARTHDANCE 2002, 2003 and 2004. SOUTHFEST 05 (CHILE), Faithless, Sasha & Digweed

Freakygroove were the only Live Act to play on the ENTELPCS SUNTOUR2004 and MOONTOUR where over the course of three parties they played live to over 25.000 people.

Freakygroove’s first tracks were edited and recorded on an album titled WINSTON SOUND, a CD that was launched in Lima, Peru in 2003. One of these tracks “Rio Funk” was voted revelation track of 2003 in Lima. In Chile, Freakygroove’s first album was launched in September, 2003 for the jeans brand FES JEANS who sold it exclusively at their jeans outlet stores. Since then, Freakygroove have worked on several recording projects, the most important being:

Pablo Neruda Electronico (October, 2004, Warner Music), an album featuring various artists in which FG’s track was described by the music press as one of the best tracks of the album.

Loveparade 2005 (January, 2005, BMG Music) includes Freakygroove’s track “4 Detroit”.

Ballantines Pulse 2005 (April, 2005, Independent), includes the track Get it on (dubmix)*

Adidas-1 (April, 2005) – Promotional EP for Adidas with 4 tracks.