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Freaked Frequency

All Records, J00F V.2, Mainstage Records
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Behind the name of the project Freaked Frequency is producer Milojko Mica Jaric from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. He started to produce electronic music since his early teens and during 10 years he gained a big success and popularity on the trance scene worldwide.

The sound of Freaked Frequency music is recognizable and very unique with a harmony of various elements and positive vibes.

From the year 2005 he began to release music for the well known labels such as Chemical Crew Records, Vision Quest Productions, Farm Records, Noga Records, Utopia Records, Enzyme Records, Mahogany Records and many others. Along with many singles released, in his discography he has 2 studio albums, `FF Syndrom` (Noga Rec/Japan, 2007) and `Nothing Stops` (Utopia Rec/Israel, 2011). Both of them achieved a big success and had great reviews from the people involved in different genres of electronic music.

In the past years Mica have been traveling around the globe, from Asia to America, playing on huge parties and festivals, working side by side with biggest names of the scene nowadays. Freaked Frequency had performed on festivals and parties from Trancendance festival in Brazil, trough Freedom festival in Portugal, and all the way to TPE festival in Japan.

Have in mind that when this frequency hits, it will hit you hard!