Freakbox Beatport


This upcoming new DJ tries to bring a new sound into the Dutch dance scene. His mixes can be seen as a mash up of different styles including: techno, house and electro.

The 19-year old FREAKBOX started out DJ-in in the area around the city of Alkmaar, but will be focusing on clubs in Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam from now on.

His musical career started back in 1995 when he started playing synthesizer (keyboard). After a few years of classes, he realised that playing songs wasn’t his thing and he started improvising. Although this was just a hobby it resulted in a bit more knowledge of music.

As a collector of hip-hop and old school house his interest for music increased and he started to collect more and more house tunes. Nowadays FREAKBOX tries to play as many rare tracks as possible to show that he knows what the crowd wants.