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Frau Anke


AKA: Anke Haubrich

Contrast-r, Darknet, Delude Records
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Born in 1976, Anke was a typical 80’s child with a lot of musically understanding. The electronic sound became her biggest love though she went through different styles like rap in the early 90ies, drum`n`bass, trip-hop and later on the early tunes of former techno. In 1994 she started to dj on her own and became a local dj-hero in her area. After being a dj for a period of five years she begun singing in a liveband and has made her first own rap cd that was produced by F.W Dursthoff ( former Plastik Funk producer).

In 2003 her first daughter was born and she took a little break but she was missing the music and started to dj again in 2006. Soon the first gigs came again all across germany and she also launched the “Electronic Comic” in her hometown, where she held a residency for 3 years. When her second daughter was born in 2008 she was still addicted to techno and she decided to host a weekly radioshow at the popular ( former In october 2009 she started to work with Ableton and learnt so rapidly that in april 2010 her first tracks were released on Nanomatik Musique. In may 2010 her first ep “Reborn” was published on Nachtaktiv Inc.Records and reached nr.3 at the djshop download charts. Anke had some releases on labels like Darknet, Android Muziq, We call it hard, Mekanism or Techhead Recordings. Her position in the german techno scene is tightened and she explains a new kind of female techno. In february 2017 her first album " Survivor" was released on Naughty Pills Records.

During the years she played at venues like Tanzhaus West/Frankfurt, Unsichtbar(now Mauerpfeiffer)/Saarbrücken, Elektroküche/Cologne and a few festivals like Ruhr in Love/Oberhausen or Deichrocker/Bremen just to name a few. Even her tracks are supported from artists like Dolby D, Steve Shaden, Paula Cazenave, Kerstin Eden, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Maceo Plex, Hans Bouffmyrhe, Sebastian Groth, Renè Hell, Go!diva, Michel van Dinteren and lots more.


April 2010,Frau Anke, All i & Marocco, Nanomatik Musique

May 2010, Frau Anke, Reborn EP, Nachtaktiv Inc. Records

July 2011, Frau Anke, Erlkoenig & Drei, Etiketa Records

September 2011, Tyler Durden, Darth Vader ( Frau Anke Remix), Berlin Aufnahmen

October 2011, Chris van Oz, Affentheater ( Frau Ankes Rework), Feinstaub Records

November 2011, Fau Anke, Titans Showdown EP , Feinstaub Records

November 2011, Anke, Moods of a Woman, Alien Force Digital Label

November 2011, Frau Anke, Antidote, Plastiq Records

January 2012, Krstevski, The return of the reverse echoes, Ankes Rework, Alien Force Digital Label

February 2012, Emir Hazir, Think ( Frau Ankes Remember Remix), Shiva Audio Records

October 2012, Bitter Strom, Kanoster ( Frau Anke`s Kabrett rmx), Delude Records

November 2012, Jonas Rech, Stimmen der Nacht ( Frau Ankes Pavor Nocturnus Remix), Feierkind Records

November 2012, Kai Randy Michel, Sea of Nothingness( Ankes Abyss), Android Muziq

November 2012, Frau Anke, Existence EP, TechHead Recordings

February 2013, Peter Schmidt, Supposed to be EP, Rectifier ( Frau Anke`s RMX), We call it hard Records

February 2013, Frau Anke, Fighter Queen EP, Darknet

February 2013, Miss Shiva, Licht&Liebe EP ( Frau Anke`s gebrochenes Herz RMX), Shiva Audio Records

March 2013, Frau Anke, Cor, Various Artists, Hell Beat Limited Records

April 2013, Frau Anke, Destination Fate EP, Hellbeat Limited Records

May 2013, Sven Sossong, No Colours EP, ( Anke`s Black in black remix), Delude Records

June 2013, Warped & Neville, Space EP, (Frau Anke Remix), Techhead Recordings

June 2013, Frau Anke, Souleater EP, Delude Records

August 2013, Frau Anke, the Complex, Mekanism records

September 2013, Frau Anke, Everlasting, Contrast-r

October 2013, Frau Anke, Fahrenheit, Rewashed Ldt.

October 2013, Frau Anke, Dawn EP, Wangorsch Records

January 2014, Frau Anke Hidden Skills, Delude Records

February 2014, Datacore, Disorder`n`chaoz ( Frau Anke Remix) We call it hard records

February 2014, Max Lindemann, Room 13 EP, ( Frau Anke´s Remix), Delude Records

July 2014, Frau Anke, Fallstaff EP, We call it hard records

July 2014, Frau Anke, Witch Hunter EP, Arcussinnus Records

August 2014, Frau Anke, Lost Minds EP, Naughty Pills Records

August 2014, Frau Anke, Bitten Dogs & Wounded Cats EP, Dope

September 2014, Frau Anke, Identity EP, Graviton Audio

December 2014, Frau Anke, The Border EP, Graviton Audio

July 2015, Frau Anke, Schattenschwester EP, Naughty Pills Records

September 2015, Frau Anke, Unleash / Reject, Dope

December 2015, Frau Anke, Even though, Basecodes Records

February 2017, Frau Anke, Survivor LP, Naughty Pills Records

February 2017, Frau Anke, 90 kms EP, Bunk3r R3cords

February 2017, Frau Anke. Twisted Reality EP, Amalgm8 Musiq