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Franziska Scholtz

Electro House

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Franziska Scholz was born in 1987 in Saxony/Germany. At a young age she discovered her passion for music and in the following years this fascination became stronger. She began singing and songwriting at 10 years old, later taught herself how to play guitar and started jamming with friends. Then she received her first electronic music CD and her passion became even stronger as she found a new direction for her musical talents. Franziska made electronic music a priority in her life. She spent 3 years producing and honing her skills as a electronic music artist and in this time created a lot of tracks, which had remained hidden in a drawer, recycled, tweaked and perfected.

Franziska’s creativity is fueled by her life and situations she has experienced. She tries to feel the energy around her and put it into music. It..s important to her that her tracks are dynamic and full of energy. Franziska’s productions range from deep house to techno and draws from a variety of influences and genres. Her first major digital release: „Deep Africa“ released in April 2010.