Frantik Beatport


Been DJing since 93. Always staying with what i think of as the best electronic music around, techno. Having had Woody McBride borrowing me his records for 3 months(Thanks Woody), i did nothing but practice for months straight. On crappy tables no less=o) Having those records really helped me learn what was was really good, quality techno & acid. Ill never see some of those again=o( 7 years later i still use some of those old records ive had the fortune of finding along the way. Acid & Techno will always be the driving force in my DJing life. Influences are: Woody McBride, Jeff Mills, Hyperactive, Titonton Duvante & all of the Columbus Ohio crew, Nick Nice, Mr. Bill, Acid Boy Todd P, Toby Tyler, & everyone else that still plays real underground techno & acid. Keep it up!! Write me for CDs.