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43recordings, Akoom Records, Alchemy (Italy)
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Frankyeffe domicilied in Rome/Italy,defitely is one of the most up-and-coming producers and dj’s of the “young generation”.

Starting his career in 2001 he firstly concentrated on djing itself. A couple of years later he took first steps in producing electronic music and his exceptional talent quickly developed a binch ofreleases on different labels like Analytic Trail, Phobiq , Alchemy, Rhythm Converted, Kombination Research, Nachtstrom, Sleaze,Remain and many others, which instantly gained massive support by the likes of Len Faky, Umek, Richie Hawtin,Paul Van Dyk Karotte,Danny Tenaglia,Joseph Capriati,Sasha Carassi, Gary Beck, Mauro Picotto, Markantonio, Marco Bailey, Speedy J, Adam Beyer, Dubfire and many others.

His tracks are veritable “dancefloor-bombs” and his own distinctive hand writing was to be recognized early.

Its Successes are RIOT on Analytic Trail, TWISTED on Phobiq, STORM on Kombination , CHANGE IT on Alchemy and others great releases.

This hand wariting particularly expresses itself through the right feeling for timing and arrangement. dropped in due time his productions bring every club to a boil.

His music also called other well known artists to the action, which finally led to collaborations and remixes with artists like Roberto Capuano, Roel Salemink, Alex bau, Xhin, Axel Krakasis, Harvey McKay,Tom Hades, Soren Aalberg, Angy Kore, Kiko, Kylie Geiger, Mladen Tomic….

Indeed Frankyeffe was not only acting as a producer during that time.

He also spent three seasons as resident-dj at the Rashomon Claub in Rome,which surely is one most influental clubs for electronic underground music in the italian-capital.

Through his productions he also quickly gained an excellent reputation beyond the italian borders,which led to increased dj-bookings in different european countries.

Uptodate Frankye’s latest offering “Countryside” inc. Roberto Capuano Rmx will be released on Spark Musik, “Fight” on Phobiq, “Cut Off” Incl Mladen Tomic rmx"on Respekt, “Secret Atosphere” on Octopus, another ep on Analytic Trail, Boration on Kd Music, Colla ep on Fone Audio (Inlc. Marco Bailey rmx & On/Off, an ep with Miniminds on Mb Elektronics, another ep on Alchemy and others great remixes and ep on big labels!!

Furthermore he is constantly working on new material as well as touring as a dj and one can be curios about the progression in the near future.


Frankyeffe techno Dj/Producer, dopo 3 stagioni resident al Rashomon Club,crescendo notevolmente e ora è uno dei più importanti dj’s techno della nuov agenerzione.

I suoi DJ set spaziali vanno dalla techno più scioccante al disco più melodico ed improvviso.

Durante questi anni, la sua tecnica per la produzione cresce in modo esponenziale, e così produce alcuni ep di altissima qualità su etichette di riferimento come Analytic Trail, dove Riot viene suonata dai dj’s mondiali portandola al successo e poi è la volta di Twisted su Phobiq conquistando moltissime chart europee.

Frankyeffe è sempre alla ricerca di nuovi suoni e nuove influenze musicali e pronto a trasmettere nei sui dj’s set adrenalina e viaggi spaziali che rispecchiano il suo background artistico.

Tantissimi sono gli ep che escono su altre label di riferimento come Analytic Trail, Phobiq, Alchemy 43rec, Nachtstrom Shallplatten,Rhythm Converted, Agile rec, Sleaze, Brood Audio, Kombination Research,Smallroom con numerosi remix e collaborazioni con artisti come Alex Bau, Xhin,Kyle Geiger Harvey McKay, Mladen Tomic, Tom Hades, Kiko,Niereich,Angy Kore, Submerge,Alex karakasis e molti altri

Fankye viene anche supportato da artisti del calibro di Len Faki, Umek ,Joseph Capriati, Richie Hawtin Mauro Picotto,Chris Liebing, Sasha Carassi, Danny Tenaglia, Dubfire, Adam Beyer, The Advent, Speedy j, Gary Beck, Marco Bailey,Rino Cerrone,Markantonio,Tom Hades,Alan Fitzpatrick, Bodyscrub,Luigi Madonna e moltisimi altri.