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The history of this producer, born the 1st January of 1982 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), begin 4 years ago, when gave him an electronic organ very simple (3 scales with 20 instruments and one distorter for each one, actually he use it to make the themes and wich he enjoy himself when he wants to compose or play). From now he would begin to play for play and he would be going getting several films choruses, (Beverly Hills Cop, Terminator, etc) and he would be going composing their things too, all good but it doesnt past the organ, after he bought one “little musical software” and he would begin to see the posibilities of producing differents music kinds.

He had already tested other softwares before, but all were demos, so he took advantage of this software, his creative talent and one audio-video virtual mixer and he begun to practice. After 3 weeks he got a good song with several secuences that the software had, and so he would be going making own things, training and improving. After 6 months he created 9 songs and he decided to join them in one mix, and make one L.P. of 10 tracks or songs (9 songs and the mix), as those you see in markets. And well, after he put internet, he searched a lot and found several webs where upload the music that he would be composing from now, being already all produced, edited and recorded by himself, for his auto-promotion.

As something he got, he composed one CD, maked totally by himself at 100%, (8 songs and one MEGAMIX), called OVER THE WIND, in wich stand out the songs that had got more suceed on internet and the people had heard more, as for example " MOVE ALL TIME ", number 1 in Vitaminic Dance list 4 consecutive days, " WINGS OF IRON " Top 5 Techno during one month in other Vitaminic web and the theme " THE POWER OF SOUND " too. He even designed the CD covers, with his infographic knowledge and appart of this he continues learning and composing.

Now he continues using his organ to compose choruses, he had changed the used software to composing, using now one much more sofisticated, he move all that he have in mind and so he do the songs, that later he convert to mp3 and upload to internet. He is open to do all kind of music he likes, (Dance, Trance, Techno, Progressive, Rap, Rap-Dance, etc). According to textual words of him;

" In the production influence very much the inspiration, because not all days it comes out something as to begin one song, is important to try to use the imagination taking the maximum advantage of the sources that one have, by the way i try to give the maximum profesionalism to all my productions, taking all with very much reliability at the time i do what i love, with the wish of to like to the most quantity of people that is possible. "

Standing out moreover that, DJ FRANKY, dedicates to edit audio and music and he could edit, record and present one special that was emitted in Christmas eve and new years eve of 2003 for one radio from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Radio Bellavista). His productions has crossed to America, not only for his internet sites where people could heard his jobs but that the 18th July of 2004 it was done an special about his music in one radio of Bolivia too (Radio Energui), where he could be heard greeting to the people from there thanks to a pre-recorded that he sent by e-mail. His passing through on-line radios, like “Radio Libertad Musical”, has involved and are involving that followers of this musical kinds are going to be interesting in his jobs.

The 19th february of 2005 he was interviewed on the air in “Radio Bellavista”, this interview was broadcasted in “Radio Internacional” together in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain) and on-line, in wich he presented in exclusive too, the same day, a 90s Dance Revival Megamix of 80 minutes length, that he has produced, edited, and furthermore it was retransmitted all along.

The 9th July of 2005 he uploaded his Official Site, designed by himself, is a complete and arranged webs group about all his projects and works he had done, moreover of diverse information about what he did so the public and his fans can be informed.

The 27th July of 2005 he released another Megamix/Session, this time about Makina music, of 80 minutes long approximately, wich before it was released it was confirmed that would be broadcasted in several so much on-line as dial radios, like for example in “Onda Universal”, in the progamme “Dance Nation” directed and presented by DJ Borja, where the 1st October, also presenting the work, he was interviewed on the air, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Spain), such as in other radios. In that Megamix he included the first Makina style track he produced called “NEW HORIZONTS”, overmore, all the project go out to the public at the same time, to several radios so to Internet, with the desire of break the 100.000 Downloads that got the first Megamix.

After this projects and after some months, he joins as a member in the association and collective of producers and Djs called “The Real Djs Company”, where his first Megamix was put for Download one month along.

His effort and fight for release himself wherever he goes and all over the Internet, has let too that he put a part of his productions in on-line video portals, emphasizing his productions in more than 16 video-portals and growing up. There, he has put his famous “Videoheards” of his musical productions in 3d animation videos between other videos.

His repercussion in the music world has let that his productions had been played in events and macro-parties, like the celebrated in the 16th June of 2007, the “Resurrect Event” in Austria, where DJ Pure N.R.G. played 6 of his tracks in the presence of more than 300 persons that enjoyed his music.

Among his communities on Internet, is good to point out his

“Official Forum”, where the artist always try to look after of giving a join point for comments and opinions about his works, and also for anybody can promote himself there, between other things.

The 21st September of 2007 he released a new Megamix/Session, this time about Trance Music, which also contains one of his tracks in, called “MBS” in the 80 minutes long approximately session. Waiting for the broadcast, before the release, it was confirmed that would be broadcasted in several so much on-line as dial radios.

Nowadays, his works can be founded in the popular (P2P) software called “Emule”, where this producer share all his productions, like musical, sound and/or multimedia. Moreover, and after to have colaborated in the production of the Original Soundtrack for two mods of the famous game “Half-Life 2”, (concretely the international “E Force” and the spanish “The Last 7 Hours”), he is now colaborating as music producer in the awaiting sequel called

“The Gate 2”, other international mod now in development.

This young producer have too various remixes done of themes that he likes and he had remixed too, between other activities relationated with the sound, the infography and the graphic of software creativity. One of his wishes, is that he would like that some record company see him and give him the opportunity of demonstrate all that he is able to give. Well, if you read to here, you will know better to this producer that gives you the thank you very much and hope you enjoy his music.