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Franklin De Costa

Berlin, Germany


Choke Music, Curle Recordings, Deep Data
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Franklin De Costa’s first releases were way back in 1996 on his own label Fusion Records (w/ 303 Nation Member, Patrick Vauillaume). Under his Tichy moniker Franklin released various EPs on Frankfurt techno labels until the end of the 90s. His search for inspiration brought him to a very experimental production phase without the "4 to the floor“ preset. From this he developed his distinctive trademark sound with straight grooves and frisky sound design.

At the moment Franklin is juggling quite a list of projects that are scheduled to be released in the very near future!



Queen Of Mars – (Resolute 01) 12”

Mudkid – Loik (GCW 01V) Limited 10”

Temple Of The Dork (Deep Data 23)

Mudkid – Acid Goom (Blau Motif 03)

Dompa – Prism Compilation (Sonata)


Fragile EP (Curle Recordings 31) 12"

Mudkid – Sugar Express EP (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Futureboy on Connaisseur Grand Cru Compilation 2010 Vinyl + CD

Mudkid – The Brain From Planet Mud (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Lost Me on Perspectives 04 (Room With A View)

DCNT – Prokrastinator EP (Sonata 07)

Mudkid – Clap My Hands EP (Einmaleins Extra 17)


Redazz Ep (Einmaleins Musik 47)

Matters on Primaveral Part 3 (Auralism)

Frank N Frank Trax w/ Daso (Outils Du Connaisseur 03)


Rollergirl (Curle 14)

Another One Drowns (Leena 08)

Blind Spot (Resopal Red 25)

Don´t Very – Neuton Music


Stereotype – Sender 70 Various Artists / Sender Mix CD

Borderline / Kroma (Crack & Speed 21)

Gavanor on Karmarouge 30 Compilation

Morgenlast on Green Empire Split (Green Empire 000)


Split 4 (Sender 60)

Beat The Bump (Immigrant 28)

Butterfly EP (Defrag 19)

Two Remain One EP (Einmaleins Musik 09)

Karmarouge Noir Three, 12" (Kr_Noir 03)

Galina, 12" (Trapez ltd. 43)

Karmarouge Noir One, 12" (Kr_Noir 01)

Reaktanz Ep, 12" (Trapez ltd. 35)


The Call, 12" (Trapez ltd. 29)


Rene Breitbarth – Leisure Larry (Franklin De Costa Remix) (Deep Data)

Out Of Platos Cave – Rainbow For Dawn (Mudkid Remix) (Greta Cottage Workshop)

Pawas – Rain Rain (Franklin De Costa Remix) ( Mina Recordings)

Deepark Sharma & Dieter Krause – Great Lawn (Hidden Recordings)

Julio Portillo – All I Want (Smallroom Music)

Cella – C Jazz (Apparel)

Mudkid – Clap My Hands (Einmaleins Musik Extra)

DCNT – Prokrastinator (Sonata)

Nil By Mouth – Phalanges (Trazable Records)

Peter Grummich – Therapy (District Of Corruption)

COTK – Too Many Machines (Auralism)

Pheek – Rien Ne Va (Archipel)

Colorswitch – 24-7 (Sounderground 05)

Ark & Mossa – Homme Sweat Homme (Complot 06)

Ricardo Villalobos – Unflug (Frisbee 69)

Swat Squad – Escoria (Trapez ltd. 47)

Byron Bogues – 2B In Love (Baby Bogues 01R)

Tiemu – Subway (Between Us 03) (MP3)