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The Dangerous Magazine defines the dj as a .. Superstar…mythical character and the sawyer of the young crowd… The musical programme is created by him from the console of the club, in agreement with the kind of the evening and with the public. Frankie P, one of the most famous dj in Italy, starts his career in Rome, the city where he was born and grown. In discotheque he alternates evenings in the best fashion clubs of Italy and of foreign countries and important One Nights of Europe. Eclectic dj, he creates in these dj set an explosive mixture of rhythm and melody. For these feature he is a loved dj for his musical choice and his melody. As proof of this there is the Fan Club ..Pikkia Frankie.. founded in Piacenza five years ago and now it exists in a lot of other Italian cities. Between his merits there is certainly the determination, the unceasingly search and the experimentation of new sounds and the professionalism. At the question .. Which are the most significative clubs in your career?.. Frankie answers with spontaneity that every clubs in which he worked learned him something, from the less famous to the most known. Between his productions: Blue sensation .. ..One.. (Nitelite), Groove Generation _.. The New One.. (Nitelite), The Prince Alea- ..Be Mine..(Nitelite), Bitter Fruits .. ..Tyran.. (Rise), Bitter Fruits-.. Rhythmoo.. (Rise). Frankie P had mixed compilation for Italian market and foreign too.Among the different activities, that Frankie carries out, in addition to dj occupation, there are: reviews and collaboration with magazines of this sector and other one ( Disco Inn On The Mix, DiscoID, Trend Discotheque, Night Time,; participation in tv programmes on national network ( Costume e Societ, Rai Due, Verissimo, Canale Cinque, Match Music, Enjoy Television); participation in radio programme well known in all Italy ( Radio Dee Jay, Radio Rai, Rin, 105, Radio Studio Pi, Csc House Tracks, Radio Due);the dj set into fashion shows ( Pitti Uomo,Grifoni Party, Criminal, Diesel Party, where Frankie gas been testimonial foe 5 years). The way in society of the Des Alpes Mood Club in Madonna di Campiglio and the opening of service society for every clubs in Italy, Club Service Communication. Frankie works together: the Pineta in Milano Marittima, the Des Alpes in Madonna di Campiglio, the Villa delle Rose in Riccione, the Old Fashion Caf in Milan, the Big Sur in Formentera, the Xueno in Formentera, the Loft in Torino, the Sottovento in Porto Cervo, the Fabbrica in Pescara, the Miu Miu in Marotta, the Art Caf in Rome, the Bush in Rome, the Ruvido in Bologna, the Sali e Tabacchi in Reggio Emilia, the Bamb in Mantova, the Alter Ego in Verona, the Ciclope in Palinuro, the Baia del Silenzio in Siracusa, the Babaloo in Porto Recanati… This collaboration enables him to have vast and continuous visibility to the Italian client/consumer ( target of reference 20-40 years, 10.000 people a week on average) who frequents clubs habitually. This year Frankie had obtained the Bibloscar 2005 the official prize for the professional people of night entertainment as the best dj. You can listen to Frankie P on Radio M2o for Noche Escabrosa: click to to know hour and frequency. and