Frankie M Beatport


Frankie M has made a name for herself in San Diego.

Not only is she one of the few female DJs consistently on the scene as a full-time professional DJ, but she’s also a part of the select few who plays real House music. Completely versatile within that genre, Frankie spins everything from the deep and sexy, to funky groovy beats to banging electro. Her song selection is unique, and her skills behind the decks prove that she’s got talent and can move a crowd to get down.

Frankie M’s love of House music started in 2001 in St. Louis while attending college. Then she was exposed to greats like Charles Feelgood, DJ Carl Cox and Richie Hawtin. It was at that point that she jumped into the DJ lifestyle with both feet, while achieving her degree in Biology at Washington University.

Then, she delved deeper into the scene by opening up a record shop after relocating to San Diego. There she focused on learning more about House as the principal buyer for the shop.

Once the shop closed in 2006, Frankie decided to pursue DJ-ing professionally and was able to solidify her reputation as one of the best House DJs in America’s finest city. She started building up her residencies at Red Circle and Excelsior. With hard work and precision playing she worked her way up to bigger venues and bigger parties. By then Frankie was being looked upon as the leading lady in the Downtown San Diego House bracket and had generated a following of loyal House Heads.

Fast-forward to the present, Frankie M now has 5 years of professional DJ experience under her belt. She’s played next to legends like Fred Everything, Andy Caldwell and Miles Maeda. She’s also put out 5 mixes: Deep Side of the City, Funky Side of Town, Hear for a Good Time, House Arrest & Into the Groove. And most recently she was picked up by legendary brand Hed Kandi as one of the resident DJs for their world famous events thrown around the globe.

Clubs and promoters always know that patrons will have an amazing experience, as Frankie unfailingly delivers the right joints to keep crowds dancing until the house lights switch on.

Looking forward, Frankie M plans on expanding her musical reach by branching out across the West Coast and eventually the rest of the country and internationally. With residencies at the W San San Diego, and the new hotspot Eden in Hillcrest, in addition to regular slots at Syrah, Firehouse, Hard Rock, Searsucker and more, Frankie M is already proving that she can hold her own in a male dominated industry, and her career will continue to move on-wards and up-wards.