Top 25k on The DJ List

Frank Turgeon

Montreal, Canada

Frank Turgeon Beatport


Frank’s first time mixing records was in his parents’ friend’s basement at the age of 6, but little did he know then that dj’ing would play such an important part in his life. He got his first turntables in high school and hasn’t looked back since. He went from high school cafeteria dj battles, to house parties, to rocking clubs and bars all around Montreal and its surrounding regions.

Frank’s first love as a dj was through hip hop music in the 90s, but as time progressed, house music gave him an undeniable feeling and he eventually became a full-on house dj.

During this time as a dj, he also put a lot of focus on production. He started composing music at a very young age as well, and learned by ear by replaying songs he would hear on the radio. Production wise, he started out with free tracker programs in the 90s, and eventually was able to produce on a professional level.

His first breakthrough production was a remix of Steve Bear Sas’ track Say It, which caught the attention of NYC’s own Roger Sanchez and was picked as his “New York’s finest” track on his radio show Release Yourself, and eventually landed on Dj Disciple’s Catch 22 records. He also landed a remix on another reputable label, KULT records, for his fellow dj/producer/friend Yovan.

Since then, Frank has been hard at work on many different projects with local and international friends and continues to share his love of music through his passion for dj’ing and production.