Frank Kusserow Beatport


Influenced by the huge record collection of his brother, Frank first got interested in Hip Hop, Funk and Soul such as Grandmaster Flash and; the Furious Five, Run DMC, Public Enemy and Cameo, later more from the L.A. based West Coast Gangster Rap, such as NWA, Ice Cube and the D.O.C.. After that he got more and more infected by electronic music, such as Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb and Front 242, visiting the legendary EBM parties at Dorian Gray. By the time OFF released the first single “Bad News” Frank left the EBM scene and went out clubbing more and more at the dance clubs in the Frankfurt area, such as the Wartburg in Wiesbaden and the Aoxomoxoa in Taunusstein, listening to the hot and new Acid sound, that came over from England.1989 the next big bang infected the whole clubscene in Frankfurt with Techno-House, such as Rozalla and Anasthasia. From that time on the Omen, the new Club of Sven Väth was the best place for him to celebrate the new music. The next three years Frank visited the club almost every weekend which influenced him and his music a lot.

Then in 1992 he and a good friend decided to become dj..s, buying Techno, Acid and Hardcore records. 2 years and thousand mixtapes later Frank wanted to play at real clubs in front of audience, so he handed out a demomix to Dj R-Damski, who has worked for the Now! recordstore in Mainz. He liked the mix and asked him to play the warm-up at the Easy in Limburg. From that point on he knew, that he wants to be a dj and played every friday and saturday at the club with lots of known dj..s. Then at the End of 1994 he started as a resident at the “Give em a house” parties in Frankfurt of Stefan Veith, supporting the homeless in Frankfurt.

In 1995 he was the resident dj at the club Fear in Hamburg. There he had the great luck to play a night together with Derrick May and the next day again at the Generation Move. That was one of his most impressive moments so far. In 1998 he was one of the residents of the legendary Sonntagsrohr afterhour at the Basement in Wiesbaden.

In July his biggest dream came true, he played a night at the Omen, three months before the club closed forever.Also in 98 he began working for the Neuton Distribution in Offenbach. After a collaboration with Gez Varley and Marco Ingravalle in 2000 he released his first record, called Frank Ingram feat. G-man on Fieber. The record was a great success for him and was played by various known dj..s.

Also in 2000 he started working for Steffen Charles in his Delirium Recordstore in Mannheim as a salesman. There he had the chance to play twice at the Timewarp 11+12 on the abstract mainfloor, which were some highlight in his Dj career. 2001 he became a resident of Toxic Genpool @ the Space Place in Frankfurt, the parties were outstanding and described as the unification of the the old Omen people. 2001 he played at the official afterhour of the HR-XXL Tunnel Rave in Frankfurt @ the U60311. He played at various Radio shows, including “Clubtracks” the clubnight warm-up on HR-XXL.

Frank released several tracks on Anthony Rother..s label Datapunk. He produced tracks with Billy Nasty. His track “Spread your wings” is featured on the 3 CD Compilation “We are Punks” Frank released his first own 12" Datapunk 29, including the tracks “The Core” and “Atomsplit”. In the meantime he produced a Remix of Dave Clarke..s famous “Red Series” that is released exclusive on Dave..s myspace site available free for download. A short time later he released the tracks “Assimilate your soul/Ghostel” on Whitenoise 001, the new label from Dave Clarke. The track reached 1 in the Belgium salescharts of www.deejay​.de, one of the biggest Online Music Stores in Europe. Assimilate your Soul was licensed to the"I Love Techno Compilation 2008 for P-Magazine Readers". On the next “We are Punks Compilation 3” he released the track “Dead End Turn” on both CD and Vinyl. He produced a remix for La Rez “Wo kommen wir her” that was released in the beginning of 2009 and was compiled by Anthony Rother for his Fuse Compilation. Together with Ziel 100 he started his own label “Permanent Recordings”.