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Frank Cyberr

Phuket, Thailand

House, Trance


Born in Canada in 1975. Introduced to music in 1989 by various Montreal rock artists, Frank Cyberr aka Frank Chaos at the time formed “ The Chaotic Dogs “ a punk rock band as the singer / rhythm guitar and author / composer. While producing concerts at Station 10, Foufounes Electriques and other various Montreal punk rock venues, The Chaotic Dogs released 2 cassettes on Chaos Records, owned by Frank Cyberr and toured Canada in special events with felow Canadian Indie punk rock bands such as Tuniques Bleues, Man o Steel, Flacid, Overbass, etc…

In 1994, after the break up of The Chaotic Dogs, Frank Cyberr joined “ Skullfracture “ an electro-industrial Montreal project as guitarist / bassist. Skullfracture produced 2 cassettes on Terravox Records and was featured on various electro-industrial North American compilations. It is at that time that Frank Cyberr started to Dj in Montreal clubs such as Lezard, Purple Haze and Foufounes Electriques.

Following the breakup of Skullfracture in 1996, Frank Cyberr joined 4 MIMI award winners “ Angry White Mob “ an Industrial Rock band well known in Canada as the keyboardist / electronics. AWM had 2 North America tours and released 4 albums distributed in Europe and North America, notably by the HMV music store chain in Canada for the “ Stress “ EP.

In 1998 Frank decided to form “ D.N.A. “ an industrial rock band with various known industrial artists from Montreal. One album was produced entitled “ Trapped in a state of no awareness “ and DNA’s songs were featured on some compilations throughout America and Europe. Thought D.N.A. never performed any concerts, Frank Cyberr remained active as a Dj in the Montreal club scene.

After some years of mixing techno in venues and raves across Canada, Frank Cyberr decided start his own techno oriented project. Frank Cyberr released his first acid trance 12” in early 1999 called “ Anytime “. This record sold more than 5000 units throughout North America, Europe and Asia distributed by various small distributors and stores.

In 1999 Frank Cyberr steered in the model and acting industry where he featured in various Hollywood movies, after finishing acting school in Philadelphia and Los Angeles, and modeled under his real name Francis de Gioanni. While modeling, Frank Cyberr did not have time to work on new tracks but did Dj in cities he was working in such as: Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nice, Lyon, Cannes, Paris, San Remo and Tokyo.

Frank Cyberr has returned to writing music as a full time profession in 2004. Since then, Frank Cyberr has been working with Louise Ulfstedt and various other singers and now is finishing his first full lenght CD since 1998. Frank Cyberr has already mixed some songs in clubs as a test in Tokyo, Bangkok and Nice and the response was great. Frank Cyberr now resides in Thailand where he works in his personal studio on the beach.

Frank Cyberr enjoys all kinds of music ranging from Classical to what ever new style is invented every day. His inspirations comes from all artists that have devoted their lifes and feelings to the art of making music.