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Francko Belagio is a producer / composer / remixer from Paris (France).

In 1998, he discover the world of music production and mix on Vinyl with a DJ friend.

He mix and product exclusively House music for two years and in 2000 it will focus his productions to the hip hop under the A.K.A Dr MoZz and mix these two genres to give the electro-hiphop before the others, who do will that years later.

Until 2009 he perfected his experience of music production from hip hop to reggaeton, rnb, dancehall, but also deeper productions such like pop or rock. He sells his productions around the world to myspace where he currently has over one million views.

In 2010, after a tour of all kind of the music, he back to the electronic music under the A.K.A Francko Belagio which allows him to discover his world based on several sources of inspiration such as the analog sounds of our good old 8-bit entertainement, films sountrack, the 80’s and his passion for Japan and all that is “geek”.

Encountering problems with his label he decided once and for all to create his own label: INNOCENCE MUSIC.

A label where artists are not “something you sell” but rather passionate people of electronic music.

This label differs from most because there reigns a family atmosphere to his artists and his officers, with whom contact is permanent as Whether for a cover or promotion, all is managed humanely and not as a factory.Francko sign his group GHOST FILTERS and his friend WaroD, a French DJ he has known since many years. Via facebook he met Alex Carrena, BS and JTL with whom he had a Good Feeling, then, they join the label.

End 2011 Francko already have a lot of tracks in his track list. He released his new EP “PornoLicious” Top Rated #1 for 3 weeks on a french radio station and produced some remixes, like the remixes of "horizon " and " Addiction" of JLT. He continues immediately with a second EP called “SOUL EATER” released on January 13 2012 and his first album called “Wonderland” is planned for February 17th 2012 …