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Francisco Sniaca

Bologna, Italy

Electro House

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Francisco Sniaca dj-producer of Bologna, in October 2013 celebrates 37 years of operation, it was one of the first in Italy to enter the profession of Dj. From 1977 he began to work in the most important clubs in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, in some clubs of Bologna and Modena. In 1981 until 1986 he began DJing seasonal in some of the most famous Italian tourist areas, Madonna di Campiglio, Aprica, Val Gardena, San Martino di Castrozza and winter Cortina d’; Elba Island, Riccione and the Adriatic coast and Versilia summer, also writes music reviews for a fortnightly music (then a good run) “Music Master”. In September 1987 with the support of international staff artistic PURE-PEOPLE plays for 4 months in Leicester square in London. Since 1988 he returned to work almost exclusively in northern Italy as a Freelance, moving to date, week to week, from the clubs of the city ‘, in the happy hours in the beaches’ fashionable Adriatic coast or in high mountain huts vip for its famous apresky. As a record producer made his debut in 1987 with a remix-cover of Go West and I Will Survive titled “Go the project vill survive”, followed produces other things of the same kind. In 2000, the chance meeting with one of the most important Italian dj-producer Ivan Iacobucci holder Label “Hole Records” from that moment begins the most important productions of House music, comes with excellent results, especially outside Italy, "Sex is my favorite "only record to date in which Francisco Sniaca also appears as an artist. In 2001, in collaboration with the drummer Marco Mocellin-Moce was born the project “Skid” entitled “Melody of Love”, on this record than the original version, there are 2 very important remix, one bears the signature of Ivan Iacobucci and the ‘other of the famous American DJ “Terry Hunter,” the voice is the Sabi’ Mendez. In 2002, always goes out to the Hole Records, “I found you” starring Sabi ‘Mendez, reviewed in a positive way in the world, and established a latin-house for great music and d’ interpretation, included in the compilation "Riccione Anthems "Loud Bit of Time-records, this record begins with the strong association are still under way between Francisco Sniaca and talented musician John Hoffer. The 2004 ‘the year of “Set Me Free” and “Love for love” In 2005, two other major productions “Bahia” and “Power flat” “Swing House” and ’the single of 2006 In 2007, he released the CD collection “House, lounge and dream” that contains all the productions Francisco sniaca fet. Jo Hoffer In 2008 Francisco producing “Summer lounge” continues the new musical journey that brings him more and more ’close to a genre Ambient-house Since 2010 Francisco exclusively produces electro house, a genre that led him to collaborate with the most ’important labels in the industry, between the tracks plus’ We Are Happy significant and Feel The Music.

From 2012 he began working with DJ Rasp, together produce a series of remix / bootleg downloaded all over the world, and 2 unpublished LIKE A SUNSHINE ft.Vero Wild released in May 2013 and released in December 2013 COPPER, both for sale in all the world’s online store.