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Francesco Passantino

Castelnuovo Magra, Italy

Minimal, Tech House

Animus, Antibemusic, Bretzel Records
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Francesco Passantino was born in Carrara on May 23rd 1979. Since he was a little child he was attracted by the music of sound bands of certain films and by very particular ones, but his real passion for music started when in the 90s he met electronic music for the first time during sunday afternoon spent in a Disco named Alhambra situated in the small town of Sarzana. It’s been there that he was amazed by people operating behind the consolle. Soon he started working fo those people as P.R. and buying plates and mixer in order to learn the job of D.j. On 1994 he started to play his first disks alive and soon became Resident of Jammin of Marina di Carrara. It was then that he took part of a competition for Dj organized and rappresented in a Disco named Insomnia of Ponsacco (Pisa) attending some evening also in room “2” of Imperiale Club . In that period Francesco never left any occasions to follow great artist performances like Francesco Zappalà, Miki, Alex Neri, Francesco Farfa and many others very famous in Italian clubs. From 1996 to 1998 he plays as Dj in variuos events and starts a cooperation (which will be very wealthy) with Davide Calì, already known for many productions appeared on sector labels like Subway, Mammut e Right Tempo. But it’s in 1999 that started a musical great adventure together with Davide and Roberto in art “Robo” Bonini founding the “Air kraft vision”. By joining their experiences and basing on midi secuences lively-created and mixed, these three men originate a live-act of progressive and tech-house matrix. On stage were shown machines like MC-303, MC-505, JP-8000 and glorious TR-909 and TB-303.

Many discos where they were guests are: Red Zone of Perugia, Happyland of Firenze, the Insomnia of Pisa, the Cage of Torino and emblematic “Cocoricò” of Riccione, (considered for years the real Temple of Italian Techno music). On disco branch the Company also founded a cooperation with Gatto e C. Ridolfi of Dancework of Milan, Elektrik Recors platform of their producion. On 2003 Francesco Zappalà invents “SpostaMenti” Project (mooving-minds), based on Francesco Passantino live-acts experencies as groove and mixer and Davide Calì synths and finger boards. The new group begins at Distorsione Futurmusic Festival in Bologna Link started to a great performance integrated to most modern emulations and full of new spectacular powering inspirated y classical technic of cutting and scratches. In the same year was born Paskal Project together with Davide Kali with “Nettare Ep” on Presslab, followed by “Save Your Dream”, then become a Omar J.’s remix. On 2004 Francesco Passantino found his personal label “Tractorecords”, and open a Catalogue with “Tractor Town E.p.” realized with his friend Calì. Now is the turn of realeases parabola that startes with “Prohibition E.p.” and follows with “Criminal Farm”, this one also contains a trace of cd-room. The Tractor style is seminal reduced to minimum terms and this is evident on “Biological” by D.Calì. On 2006 small Tractors (but great) bores “Terren K” (by Passantino) and “The Green sky Philosophy” (by Zappalà) to which they will soon add a new release on cd gathering many inedits of various artist. Some hall voices tell about a rebird of the Elektrik.-