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FRANCESCO EMME is the stage name of Francesco Mastromartino, Dj and producer from Siena, who was born on December the 9th 1976, under the star sign of the Sagittarius.

His passion for music began in July 1989 when he was only thirteen and he watched a Francesco Zappal’s session in a club in Elba Isle. Since then and during the 90s he trew himself into the techno and progressive techno music adding also some experimetal fusions; he also started performing in some small discos organized by the Siena’s districts. After that he crossed the Siena’s borders and started playing in the most important clubs and discos all around the Toscana region.

After many nights and after hours at Insomnia, Jaiss and Tendenza he worked as DJ at BlueKaos.

He performed at the Imperiale and at the Plasmaphobia too, and took part to a travelling after hour all around Italy. During those years he collaborated and had contacts with the most famous techno deejays such as Gabry Fasano, Francesco Farfa, Cominotto, Tony H and Lady Elena.

In the following years he revolutionized his music style and started playing house and electro house music though his passion for the techno music remained strong, in fact it is still possible to hear some influences of house music in his works.

He was resident Dj for 2 years together with his friend Max Miceli Dj at the Tiffani Nuclub Privee c\o Vanilla Disco in Siena where he had the chance to perform by the side of high caliber artists of the dance music such as Ector Romero Jot t Vannelli, Rame, Stefano Noferini, Iacobucci e many others…

During his performances he also had the chance to collaborate with versatile deejays such as Silvano Delgado (Supalova’s drummer) and Archimede (Supalova’s vocalist).

But Francesco didn’t confine himself only to performing in discos and clubs, he personnaly fittet out a recording studio. There he produces his works, a mix of funky, electro and teknohouse music that comes out, note after note, from his keyboards, sound consoles, synthesizers and from the samplers which are expertly used.

The studio is not just a place where Francesco can produce music, it is also a kind of ’ laboratoty of ideas’ where he can elaborate, test and plan new musical experiences.

Among his numberless ideas there is the one of taking his ‘working tools’ to the console table in order to play the House music live, this way he will be able to organize an actual live set concert.