Top 25k on The DJ List


Holtsville, United States



Marcos Ribeiro started out at the ripe age of 13 working for his friend’ brother as a roadie. Soon he developed a passion for house music and began spinning as much as he could, whenever he had a chance. After about a year and a half, when he was confident enough to play for people, he got hooked up with a promoter on Long Island. He started DJing at some Long Island, NY clubs and worked his way up to 18, 21 and overs. Then about two years ago he finally got his big break, he had been looking for a promoter that was involved in the city clubs to get a spot, and he had found it. He had now started DJing at the largest NY city club, EXIT. He remained there as a weekly resident in the white room on Saturday nights doing time slots from midnight to sometimes 7 in the morning, when DJ Ziggy (the resident after-hours DJ) was a little out of state.

Eventually he was moved to Friday nights where he was the resident for a while. But as all good things, it eventually came to an end; there were some complications between the promoters and the owner so the promoters ended up getting fired. FOZ has moved on and has teamed up with a master of house music Teddy Galvao under the name KOWL (kings of white label) and has been working on producing tracks thus far. Sometimes you can catch FOZ at Roxy in NY on a Friday night. But for now we will have to wait and see what happens next…