Forrest Avery Beatport


Forrest Avery has always liked music, but it wasn’t until the summer of 1994 that he thought he might have anything to do with making it. After attending his first Rave event at the impressionable young age of 14, he was hooked on the scene, and inspired by the music.

Like pretty much everyone else, he started to Dj shortly after his introduction to the electronic music scene. Starting out at Raves, and moving into the Clubs soon after, his musical journey was long, and fraught with many a funky beat. He came out of the haze of an 11 year long DJ career in the North West with an appreciation for all forms of music, and a serious itch(having done a lot of scratching as a DJ) to do some production work… As well as some more Djing.

Starting with a collaboration project on Market House Meats in late 2007, and subsequent signing to label Cotopaxi early in 2008, Forrest Avery then launched Serial Sickness as a digital release label aimed at featuring new and established artists from the North West electronic music scene. Before the year was done he had signed additional releases to Rithmica Music, Bump Academy, Bridge City, and Midwest Hustle Music Digital.

Now his production goals are focused on making anything he can get his hands on into dance music. Whether it’s an instrument, not an instrument, a vocal, or some incomprehensible audio anomaly that makes your head want to explode, while your ass is trying to shake off your body, he wants to see to see if anyone else out there is as freaky as him, and actually likes that nonsense. So far we’ve been discovering ther’s a lot of freaks out there.