Fopp Beatport


he career of Dj Fopp starts at the end of 70s in the italian private radios and in discoteques.

He has an huge collection of more 10.000 vinyls that contains all the history of dance music from the 70s until now.

In ’85 the first release with a famous italian dance music label of the 80s “Full Time”.

In the following years starts to produce records with many collaborations and in 1990 his song intitled “What You’re Gonna Do” becomes a dance hit in France where is been released in maxi single and in cd single from the label “Carrere” and later included in a compilation selling thousands of copies.

In the year 2000 he made the remix of a famous dance hit of 1980 (Delegation ? You And I) 15 years of radio experience with programs of Black Music, House and Dance and now he’s a dj resident of Radio Metr (covering the north east of Italy) where you can hear his mixed sets from the 70s and 80s.

Its very hard to mention all Clubs where he played dj, some are listed here: Kristall, Alla Villa, King’s River Club, Muretto, Disco Palace, Black Out, Ciao Ciao, Hyksos, Papaya, Glamour, Matilda, Gasoline, Capannina, Ice Cube, Smoke, Marina Club, Cielo Club, Terrazza Mare, Baia Blu.

At the moment he has many collaboration for music productions in studio.

One of this is with an holland artist Richenel (Dance Around The World) a cd of him is coming out in the2008 with 2 songs composed by Fopp.

In november 2006 a DJ Fopp version of song Voyager by Alfred Azzetto is released in the prestigious House Music Label “Purple Music” and other 2 releases with the same label out on march 2008.