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Fluro Neuro

AKA: Priyanka Sudhir

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FluroNeuro is Priyanka Sudhir, from Bangalore, India, whose escapades with electronic music started in 2007.

In 2013 FluroNeuro officially kick started this project playing Live/DJ Sets at events across India and prefers the Underground Scene; Has played along side renowned psytrance artists like Protonica, Sanathana, Fright Rate, Kanibal Holokaust, Mad Maxx , Teo , Jangaramongara, Mindwave to name a few and has also been featured in the Freedom Blast,Spirit Gust Festival & Dream Bubble 3.0 – all major psytrance festivals held in Goa.

While exploring the infinite realms of sounds, In the year 2014 FluroNeuro started producing her own music experimenting with abstract melodies alternating from dark to light ,creating sound textures saturated within layers of harmonies & Obscure rhythms juxtaposed to alien atmospheres; taking advanced listeners into a vortex of harmonic mysteries.

FluroNeuro’s Live Sets are Rituals bringing to you music that can be characterised, as atmospheric, tribal, deep and organic creating an atmosphere of fluoroscence using psychotropic sounds and frequencies blending Psychedelia with her own flavour of dark, while focusing more on the Night Time Vibe.

Signed up with : PlasmaSphere Productions [IN] , Last Point Recs [IN] , Samana Records [UAE] , Dark Minds Records [MX], Ant Robot Wisdom Records [MX].

Contact Info : [email protected]