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Flow Wolf

Los Angeles, United States


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FlowWolf is a devout fan of goa / psytrance music and has been a digital DJ, composer and producer of clandestine trance music since February 2004. What started as a past-time hobby has turned into a spiritual obligation to make art for the universe. Like mathematics, music is a universal language with an algorithm to be conquered. This college math professor has established quite a name for himself, networking most his music mixes on MySpace in 2004. DJ FlowWolf has spent over $20,000 in buying rare music, top notch djing equipment, and giving away thousands of demos mixes over the years to loyal fans around the world for nothing but their respect. DJ FlowWolf produces and distributes art for the greater good. The meaning of FlowWolf most represents a polarity existence. FlowWolf believes the ability to synchronize two completely foreign concepts together as if they were meant to be is a gift given to him by some unexplained and undefined higher force. This palindrome echoes a universal message that we can be anything we want to be if only we believe. It is more important to this aspiring artist that his good name go down in history as a musical revolutionist rather than a profiteer. In FlowWolf’s opinion, music is more an idea than performance and his art is intended to create an emotional and unforgettable experience for the listener. DJ FlowWolf has sent CDs to almost all United States and to foreign places like Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, France, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, India, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, The Philippines, Serbia, Singapore, Sweden, Taiwan and Turkey to psytrance artists and fans. His mixes can be heard on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, various torrent sites, and underground radio stations such as Ergot Radio, Brain Damage Radio, Rise FM, and Second Attention among others unnamed. He has over 80 excellent full-length mixes with a plethora of snippets from each set to sample. This prolific DJ quite frankly doesn’t care about fame or fortune, but only to leave his mark in the universe and amaze himself and the world. As a story-teller disc jockey, FlowWolf is clearly unique in this growing genre. His direction, technical skills and track arrangements are innovative, inspiring and passionate. Enough said about the “PsyTrance Specialist”. Keep the spirit alive and help revive the true ritual of underground trance music!