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Flower Aka Virag Voksan

Budapest, Hungary


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Virág Voksán’s DJ career sprouted up in 2006 when a professional musician took her under his wings, showing her all the tricks of the disc jockey trade. But it needed a lot of hard work and practice for Virág to become the professional full-time DJ she is today. Music has been a natural part of her life from a very young age, though she also devoted a lot of her time to studying: she graduated from Folsom High School in California and went on to study at the International Business School, where she earned her Oxford diploma in Business Communication in Marketing with upper second class honors with Oral Distinction in English. Meanwhile, she successfully passed language exams in advanced business English and intermediate vocational German.

Her passion and desire to learn and play music is insatiable: she always knew she was meant to become a musician, and her modeling career and Playboy cover appearances was to serve only as springboard to her music career. Following her second Playboy cover appearance in 2008, she was personally invited by Hugh Hefner as a VIP guest to his birthday party at the Playboy Club in Las Vegas.

For the past four years, DJ Flower has been spinning music at more than 400 parties – Hungarian audience is crazy about her DJ sets – so it is not surprising that she has been invited by Hungary’s most prestigious and high-profile clubs to be a resident performer: in 2007-2008 she was a regular act at Palace Dance Club in Siófok, followed by appearances at Bed Beach and White Angel in 2008-2009, and in the summer of 2009 at Lipstick in Balatonfüred’s Sundance Park. That summer she also performed with Chicane in front of a raving crowd of 10,000 fans at the Annagora Aquapark party organized by Rise FM. In early 2010 she was a resident performer at the official Playboy parties held by Club Montecristo in Geneve, Switzerland and in the summer of 2010 at Flört.

By this time, DJ Flower was a seasoned performer on international stages as invitations had been rolling in from internationally renowned party places amid an unparalleled streak of success in her home country. And the invitations were rarely one-time only: her performances were met with universal acclaim everywhere she went and callbacks for repeat performances were sure to follow. DJ Flower had numerous television appearances in Portugal during her tour of the country, while local press enthusiastically reported of her packed-house stage performances. On Dec 31, 2009 she rang in the New Year with a crowd including more than 5,000 cheering people in Madeira.

With her highly popular DJ sets, Virág Voksán continues to capture the hearts of thousands of fans around Europe: she is a regular act at several notable international venues, including the word famous VIP Room in Luxembourg, Club Aer in Stuttgart and Munich’s Club P1. Apart from her endless European music sessions, she performed in Cairo’s Buddha Bar in Egypt, the Plastik Beach of Abu Dhabi, and at The 400, Dubai’s most popular and prestigious club. She has traveled as far as Azerbaijan, where local clubs in Baku are eagerly awaiting her return. It’s safe to say that Virág has taken the entire world by storm. DJ Flower also enchanted Russia, where she performed in front of raving crowds at Volgograd’s Club Amsterdam as well as at the world famous PACHA.

At the end of 2010, fans thronged to her concert at Millionaire, Turin’s hippest club, while the annual LUXEXPO fair in Luxembourg selected her for the event’s official performer.

DJ Flower has performed and collaborated with countless renowned musicians, including Adam Beyer at the City Sound Fest 2010 in Lignano, Italy, as well as Sandy Rivera, Eddie Thoneick, Popof, Chicane and INNA, to name only a few.

DJ Flower’s music

In 2008, Virág was named the official face and DJ of the AXE tour that took her on an East European tour staging a series of concerts in Croatia, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bosnia, apart from shows in Hungary. During the tour she recorded a collaborative piece titled “Instinct” with Markanera, DJ Smiths and Nita.

Collaborative work with Spy The Ghost gave birth to “Jamaican Love” in 2010, a music video was also shot and is aired regularly not only by Hungarian music channels but major international music networks.