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Florian Breidenbach

Fulda, Germany

Hard Dance, Tech House

Florian Breidenbach Beatport


He first started out his dj career in 1995 with his good friend and neighbor Accelerator aka Axel Seidel. After a while he smashed fantastic sets in the beat cave (R.I.P.) and in the Kornhaus where he has been resident dj for 3 years.

Sometime at the end of the last Millennium he met and teamed up with Frank Wirth (aka dj Horus or Accentbuster) and since then they have been producing together most of their stuff and exchanging their skills, as you can hear on the “industrial revolution” album they produced together (and he mixed) as Fogmountain Soundsystems in 2004.

Since 2005 he had bigger gigs at various parties in Fulda (klubhaus, s-club, hochschultage, club24…) and as a resident hosts a show on every 2nd friday of the month. Watch out for more dates and new productions to come in 2008!