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DJ Flea discovered his passion to the DJ culture at the beginning of 1996! With various jobs, the first 1210 turntable could be bought and the foundation-stone to be a DJ was thus put! At the beginning he delicated his fan municipality with fine Acid sounds, which changed over House, meanwhile to the Minimal / Tech House direction. In 1996 he inspired Munich with a live radio DJ-mix on “89 Hit of FM” and 1998 complete Germany with the “Mixtape OF The Week” on germany’s most well known electroinic radio station – “Evo Sonic Radio”. Since the way from being a DJ to producer is not far, 1998 the first synthesizer were purchased. Briefly after that, he put his equipment to a friend and produced since then aka “120BPM”. This made possible them a live-gig in Munich’s “Ultraschall”. Meanwhile he produces only independently. The more frequent, DJ Flea is also Live represented in the night life, among other things he was participant at the “2nd Munich Laptop Battle” at “Harry Klein” Munich. As resident he rocks at present on the “fabe&babe”, as well as “WE ARE…Electric” events, but in addition, also as guest on various other.