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Flavio Vecchi is part of the Italian “Old Skool” having begun his career as a dj in the early 80’s, first coming to notice in small clubs in his home city of Bologna, until, in 1987, he took on responsibility as the only resident dj in a club which was to make history:Ethos mama.

Ethos mama club in Riccione, the first club in Italy where people listened and danced to what was then revolutionary: Chicago Traxx, Tekno Detroit and Deep House.

From 1991 this same mood transferred to the now ‘Echoes’ still in Riccione, known to all as the true authentic Italian underground house club, where Flavio, playing with his impeccable and original charisma and style, has brought in people from all corners of Italy.

“I live the dj experience as a mission. I have always wanted to show people that not only ‘hits’ music exists but also another music, one that if it enters inside you, never leaves.” Playing until 5 in the morning was not enough, and so in 1990, with a group of friends, amongst whom dj Ricky Montanari, he inaugurated the first two Italian after hours," Diabolika"and" Vae Victis".

His experience abroad, including in London, Paris, Tokyo, Brussels, Amsterdam, Geneva, Zurich and Ibiza contributed to making him Top DJ, or as he is called in Italy, the Maestro.

In the early 90’s he collaborated with various productions of Irma Records, Key Tronic Ensemble-House of Calypso, Riviera Traxx E.P. vol.1-2-3, a remix for Jestofunk prod., “Kiss me,don’t be afraid” on Hearthbeat/Media.

For a few years he left his studio work, being too called upon as dj, until in 2001 he worked on a production" Angels of love", and with the “Pasta Boys” for Manocalda rec.-Zen Essential.

London has always been his favourite place, from the time of ‘Confusion’ with Kid Batchelor, to the golden days as guest dj at the Ministry of Sound. In the English capital, he is now guest dj at ‘The Cross’ (Vertigo) and at ‘Turnmills’ (Metrogroove).