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Flavia Lazzarini

House, Techno

Borghese Incisioni, Glamnight Records, Sauvignon Recording
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Dj, remixer, producer, Flavia Lazzarini leaves nothing out when transmitting her need to make music. At the turntables for more than 20 years, she is one of the most acclaimed Italian DJ’s, in Italy and abroad. She started in 1990, between Rome and New York, cities that formed her musically and that convinced her to leave the Courthouse behind (she is graduated in Law) and to dedicate herself to the turntables. From that moment on she starts enjoying successes at the most exclusive parties in town, at the most popular nightlife events, art, fashion and film premiers and at the coolest clubs around Europe.

Her style is nourished by an ongoing research aimed at identifying multiple sounds, whose contemporaneity rooted in more traditional musical suggestions. Jazz, nu-bossa, electro-pop, and the frenetic beats of house and underground music intersect and influence going to outline her djStyle.

She has always worked with vinyl, that she proudly supports: today she is one of the few DJs who rarely gives in to the simplification of cd-mixer, laptop and pen-drive. Her “work of art at the turntables” also lends itself to videos, theatrical dance and to vocals.

Responsible for the music page of Rai’s official website, she has also worked as a music consultant for Mediaset’s networks. Moreover she was the resident dj of the talk show “Sex and the City” that aired on TMC tv channel. She is also in charge of the music selection and the adaptation of soundtracks for several shorts and documentaries.

In 1999 she founds GLAMnight, a monthly musical project presenting events and live performances (GLAMnight Live), like the “Festival between lounge n’ bossa” presented in Rome at Enzimi 2002 and 2003. Soon the project evolves and launches GLAMDA, a series of events dedicated specifically to the clubbing hosting live performances by international artists.

The latest Flavia projetc is Glamnight Records: a global and independent online label dedicated to emerging and established artists, among DJs, producers, musicians, composers, vocalists and anyone interested in spreading and sharing their own independent musical project, within electro, nu-indie and house.

Presently Flavia Lazzarini’s artistic research is based on the experimentation of new sounds, testing the unusual fusion of different musical genders, in order to create her own musical production.


Antichords “Overtoned” (Flavia Lazzarini Remix) Look Studio-CNI Unite Label: Margarita 2014

Flavia Lazzarini " Two EP" (Glamnight Records 2014)

Flavia Lazzarini " One EP" (Glamnight Records 2013)

Alivernini & Lazzarini feat. Emma “Jungle EP” (Glamnight Records 2013)

Flavia Lazzarini “The winner is” (Glamnight Records 2013)

Terry Poison feat. Violet Vision " Upright" – F. Lazzarini Remix (Terry Posion 2012)

Davide Orkestar feat. Gloria Trapani “Experience 5” – Flavia Lazzarini Remix (Glamnight Records 2012)

Plum Suckers “Whore Saint” – Flavia lazzarini Remix (Glamnight Records 2012)

Flavia Lazzarini feat. Eleonor Rigby “Run to beat” (Sauvignon Recording 2012)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “That’s all “ S/S ‘2012 Spot Miss Sixty (NoSuoni Records 2012)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Summer beat” Energie S/S 2012 (NoSuoni Records 2012)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “A day in the garden” Miss Sixty F/W 2011-12 (NoSuoni Records 2012)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Ah Ah” Killah S/S12 (NoSuoni Records (2012)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Street girls” Killah F/W 2011-12 (NoSuoni Records (2012)

Flavia Lazzarini “1980” (Glamnight Records 2011)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Me!” Spot Miss Sixty (NoSuoni Records 2011)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Let’s rock “ Spot Miss Sixty (NoSuoni Records 2011)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Sunshine “ Backstage Miss Sixty (NoSuoni Records 2011)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Capri” Energie F/W 2011-12 (NoSuoni Records 2011)

F. Lazzarini/A.Camilletti “Are you ready for this” Killah F/W 2011-12 (NoSuoni Records 2011)

Flavia Lazzarini “Spacestar e.p.” (Borghese Incisioni 2010)

Flavia Lazzarini "Let’s try" (Borghese Incisioni 2010)

Luke Dose “Damn!” Flavia Lazzarini Remix (Woo Crew Records 2010)

Flavia Lazzarini “Flatnoize” (Borghese Incisioni 2009)

Flavia Lazzarini “Armonia” (Borghese Incisioni 2008)

Flavia Lazzarini “Il primo” (Antibe music 2007)