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Flat Line(Pdx)

Portland, United States

Breaks, House

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Dj FLaTLiNE, also known as Joshua Gonzalez, was born and raised in the small town of Canby, Oregon. With a background in Orchestra playing a Viola and singing tenor through out high school, FLaTLiNE did not know what being a DJ was until attending his first party in Seattle in 1999. There he experienced a whole new realm of music. Watching the talented Rinse and Flux from Seattle, FLaTLiNE found himself questioning whether or not he could do the same thing they were doing -making everyone move to the beat as if they were puppets on a sting. Starting with what he had -a stereo console with the dual tape deck on the bottom, stereo receiver in the middle and a belt-drive turntable on top (with all cheap plastic parts and all!), here FLaTLiNE started his journey.

By the end of February 2000 he had purchased his first pair of Technics SL-1200 M3D’s and a Pioneer DJM600 and ventured off on his own, learning how to spin by himself, hands on. Having his Mom and Dad being one of the main reasons why he loves music so much, FLaTLiNE finds himself trying to fill his Dad’s shoes as a disc jockey for Portland Community College. FLaTLiNE decided to try and get going where his dad let off. As his Dad was two months away from getting his broadcasting degree in 1987, his Dad was in a tragic accident and ended up in a coma for two months having to be in a wheel chair for the rest of his life. Now FLaTLiNE took his time and effort in doing what he loves, -making the crowd Dance! Alongside with his brother Dj Ekim, also known as Mikebackwards, from Portland and many great Dj’s from Europe, the East coast and the West coast, they set out to bring the people of this world together with the Sound of Music. FLaTLiNE is also in the process of starting his own production company,“My Own Pulse Productions” and starting it from the basement of his friends house, FLaTLiNE hopes to bring other Dj’s and other artist in to the recording studios where demos are recorded, labeled and sent all over the world, also bringing in new talent and promising newcomers as he learns new things himself. For the year 2010, his goal is to start producing his own tracks so he can show the world what’s trapped inside his mind and also what he is capable of creating. Already making his spot in Portland for the past 10 years FLaTLiNE is ready to expand his horizons and take it to a new level and to other countries. FLaTLiNE – here he comes. . .