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The 25 year old man with the hat from the Wendland(GER), has the real name Jonas Krüger. “It`s easier to get through life with a smile on your face but much more easier to get on the dance floor”, is his attitude to celebrate. He drops everything what makes fun and what bounces a lot. Crispy baselines in combination with classical instruments, percussions and technoid rudiments generate the little different electronic dance music – minimalistic but tech house and all of that underlined with sweet and soft deep house with the only aim to become intensely again. He does not only play some music, he lives it!

That’s the way he won the “Sputnik DJ radio battle” and played on the main stage of “Sputnik Springbreak”. There are more mentionable events like “MS Dockville” in Hamburg where he put on – over here over there but mostly with shaking legs and especially with love for music.