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On December 19th, 1983, Jesse (DJ Fireball) was born in Chestnut Hill right outside of Philadelphia in the United States.

Jesse found his way into DJing not by buying the “newest” DJ equipment, listening to his favorite DJ’s CD, or what was “hot” on the radio. Jesse found his way into DJing at the age of 14 when he was working down in Wildwood. While playing music at one of the boardwood game-shops a DJ walked by and heard the music Jesse was playing. The DJ introduce himself as “DJ Firecraker” and ask Jesse “Where do you get your music”. Jesse responded “Everywhere…I play songs that will get attation of people passing by”. Firecraker then ask Jesse if wanted to learn how to mix songs together and become a DJ. Looking forward to learn Jesse said “Yes”.

Jesse first learned that DJing is more then just playing the “hottest songs” or “looking for that big paycheck”. Moreover, about taking the crowd on a musical adventure and combining both the inter and outer mind/body. Firecracker taught Jesse how to put together a light show. “Music and Lights go hand and hand. A lightshow together with the right song can be more powerful then most people understand” said Firecracker to Jesse while the lightboard was powering up. During that night Firecracker wasn’t sure how his next song was going to react to the crowd. So he asked Jesse if he knew how to dance. Jesse responded “Watch me!”, Jesse went out onto the floor and got the crowd into the next song. After the song Jesse came back by the the booth and Firecracker said “After watching everyone watch you dance, I want to give you some part of my name…I’m going to name you Fireball” and from that moment on Jesse has been known as DJ Fireball.

In his journey of DJing, he has held guestspots & residency at such clubs as Shampoo (Philadelphia, PA), Club 27 (Philadelphia, PA), H2O (Wildwood, New Jersey), Chrome (Philadelphia, PA), Tiki Bob’s Cantina (Philadelphia, PA), and many more!

While along the way, Jesse has became friends with ALOT of DJs, Producers, Club Owners/Managers, and Promoters. Jesse would like to thank his best friend DJ 54, for always pushing him to become a better DJ. DJ Moon, for showing him the way. Stunt Doublez (Moo B. And Khal), the energy that we let out is beyond words. Rocco & Stay Puff for keep him grounded. Bozzi & Dommy B, for always being there for him. TruCru, you guys are the roots of the city. And to anyone that he forgot, you are got forgotten.

At the moment, Jesse is DJs at O.N.E. at Rittenhouse. And in the summer, Jesse will be DJing at Stardust Nightclub in Wildwood, New Jersey. Jesse also helps promote Nocturnal USA for his good friend Rocco.