Top 25k on The DJ List


Antwerp, Belgium



Dj Firaga, aka Michael Kiriloff, was born in 1984 in Venezuela. After some years he left this country to live in Belgium where after some years he discovered the psytrance scene. So in 2003 he started mixing with the melodically and powerful sound of the psytrance. He is known for his uplifting, melodic and powerful sets, and playing in biggest psy parties in Belgium (like the B2B party’s and TOMORROWLAND) .Nowadays DJ Firaga plays on the largest Belgian parties and plays in several countries in Europe. He played with artists like:Astrix,yahel,sun project, alien project Talamasca, Astral Projection, Gataka, Aquatica, Ananda Shake, sesto sento, Vibe Tribe, Lamat and so much more.

dj firaga is now playing as label dj for phonokol records a large Israeli based psytrance label with one of the most uplifting and melodic sound around.

also firaga is the owner of B2B .. one of the largest psytrance productions in Belgium and Holland.