Fine Beatport


Anton defines his musical style as house with vibes from electro, breaks and techno, rough sounds, rolling beats and catchy melody. If seduction is needed, he can warm up the night by playing down-tempo beats and relaxing chilly music, spiced with scratches and original melancholic rock-songs.

Fine has got a unique sense of music, he only play tracks that have someway touched him deep inside. “There has got to be IT in a track, this little thing that sounds so beautiful, melancholic and happy at the same time, it can be a melody, a vocal, a beat or just an effect”. This unique selection of tunes makes his sets sound different from the other house-djs.

Anton has got a special way to present him self and capture the audience by dancing and singing the tracks in lip-sync. "Just having a great time with the crowd! People say it’s like watching a new form of karaoke.”

DJing is a lifestyle for Anton, turntablism is a hobby and vinyl is a fetish.