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Fine Cut Bodies

Budapest, Hungary

House, Tech House

Chi Recordings
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‘This name is not simply a rotund sobriquet’ – as Kevin, the mind behind, pointed out once. ‘It rather represents an attitude, a brand of musical approach.’ Yeah, we know him right – he’s been here since the first wobbly steps that electronic music took in Hungary. He doesn’t give a damn of genres too much: looking under the bed, you’ll find breakbeats and some electro lying there, or sneak up to the attic stuffed with tech house, experimental music is on the cupboard. No matter what, if it rolls deep grooves and abstract beats, you’ll find it. But you know how changeable times are…after many years of wandering the fields of eclectic, Fine Cut Bodies is now turning his sight on new lands with a wacky twist to conquer the realms of glitchy, sometimes pop-scented electronica, hiphopish, dubstep and broken beat pitched tunes, and psychedelic disco. And that determines more coherent sound than you’d assume. It’s just how it should be, but one thing remain still: Kevin has been eagerly trying to satisfy his immense hunger for genuine thoughts in music, and he would surely go under any fetid and simmering swamp just to stalk ear candies for his own taste, and for your amusement. This unique approach has already lifted him to one of the most renowned producers and DJs, and led his tracks to be featured on several compilations worldwide. His mind to action can never be eased: manages his own label (Chi Recordings), travels to all corners of the globe from Burning Man to Melbourne, works as a producer, teaches music production, runs his own taste-making broadcast on National Radio MR2 (Quark Depot) followed by many committed fans…

Anyway…what’s more important is to keep your eyes on the horizon, ‘cause there’re more filthy new stuff coming at your way from Kevin…Really soon!