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When four-year old Finbarr Massi was dictating which records got played at his parent's cocktail parties, little did he realize what a foreshadow that would be. "I would... read more
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When four-year old Finbarr Massi was dictating which records got played at his parent’s cocktail parties, little did he realize what a foreShadow that would be.

“I would commandeer this huge 1970s hi-fi that looked more like a refrigerator than a stereo. I was barely able to reach up to change records but boy did I. It was not uncommon for Kermit The Frog’s “It’s Not Easy Being Green” to follow Cher’s “Half Breed.” I was all about themes and motifs, even back then."

Many years later Finbarr was living in Europe, working as a fresh faced, but bored stockbroker. He and his co-workers were nightly regulars at the clubs. Here Finbarr was exposed to the craft of DJing and spent more time in the DJ booth watching and learning than on the dance floor.

A job transfer landed him San Diego but as one of the many economic casualties of the 9/11, Finbarr was soon jobless.

“It was a real turning point for me. I had a lot of free time to decide what I really wanted to do with my life; and the answer was to do something that would make me happy. I spent a lot of my time and money on DJ and remixing equipment practicing, learning, practicing, learning.”

It wasn’t until the release of Raw Deal’s “He Gives More (Finbarr Massi Remix),” which peaked at Number 11 on Billboard’s Hot Club Play in 2005, that fellow DJs and labels started taking notice.

During this time he was also refining his DJ skills and evolving his sound with a weekly residency at one of San Diego’s local bars. And at the urging of a good friend, he entered the DJ Idol Contest at one of the largest dance clubs in Southern California, Rich’s. Many months and contest rounds later, he was chosen the winner and began his weekly residency for their night called ‘Heaven.’

As more and more remixes and collaborations started coming in, Finbarr focused his attention on producing. His remix of L.E.X. featuring Niki Haris’ ‘Let Me Hear The Music,’ an early favorite of Peter Rauhofer’s, hit Number 3 on Billboard in August 2006. His collaborations with DJ De Leon and singer/songwriter Breathwaite are being released on stellar dance labels, New York’s Kult Records and Madrid’s Stereo Productions, home of acclaimed DJs Chus & Ceballos. His recent studio work alongside L.E.X. marks a high point as a producer.

Even with a hectic production schedule, Finbarr has managed to give back to the community by DJing.donating his time as a DJ. He DJ’d the San Diego Rock ‘N Roll Marathon and Warner Brothers’ JGYC holiday party in L.A benefiting homeless teens.

He brought his high-energy vibe this past Memorial Day weekend to L.A.’s Factory for Latitude, where he spun alongside DJs De Leon, Eddie X and D-Formation.

The hallmarks of Finbarr’s sound are throbbing bass lines, driving percussion, thrusting instruments, sultry vocals, and seductive grooves. One can only fully capture this experience by hearing his work.