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Vandit Records continues the next selection from charismatic Americans; Filo and Peri along with Rock Protege and writer Eric Lumiere. Following up on their brilliant ‘Ordinary Moment’ Vinyl which was supported heavily by Paul Van Dyk. ‘Anthem’ races us back to hints of summer concerts embracing girl or boyfriend, lifting main lines and twists it up for the next generation production phase.

Add to this fellow english O`Callaghan`s beautifully crafted remix and then complete with bonus soother Nic Chagall remix this is another package you don`t want to miss.

Filo & Peri have seen their careers skyrocket as their musical palate has remained true. Their sonic style veers from driving-techno to euphoric-trance, and from banging-progressive to sizzling vocals. Throughout it all, one thing remains clear: When Filo & Peri are behind the decks, not a soul in the club is standing still. Just ask global DJ Armin Van Buuren; once Van Buuren got his hands on Filo & Peri’s first record ‘Elevation,’ he played it for weeks on his ‘A State Of Trance’ syndicated radio show.

Growing-up, Filopei was a huge fan of ’80’s and ’90’s heavy metal and rock bands, and he counts Poison, Guns N’ Roses, and Motley Crue among his old favorites. Six years Filopei’s junior, Pericic came of age with Kraftwerk, Underworld and Orbital in his home, as his father was and still is a lover of electronic dance music. As a production and DJ team, Filo & Peri’s divergent musical interests balance each other out and create a unique sound all their own.

Vandit is proud to present their latest track called ‘Anthem,’ an epic, peak-time/main-room, techno-trance annihilator. The release features the amazing writing and vocal credits of Eric Lumiere an up and coming rock singer from California and New York.

A breezy breakdown with ricocheted vox complete with a dreamy tinged wave gives this special track a luscious sun down view across the ocean.

Get it before your DJ does!