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Porto, Portugal


Squad Music, Woorpz
Fido Beatport


Over the past few years, DJ FIDO has forged himself a reputation as one of the foremost house deejays on Portugal, prolific both in the quality of his gigs. FIDO’s technical ability is second to none, and his DJ style totally reflective of his attitude to production, rather than finding one style and sticking to it. FIDO likes to keep his sets as varied as possible, playing right across the board, from house (all types) to electro, progressive and everything in between.

DJ FIDO took his first steps as a DJ in 2001, playing at student parties and local bars in Braga. His engaging style soon got noticed, he quickly climbed up the club ladder, his sound grew more mature and unique and it wasn’t long before he was playing with the big guys and in the biggest and best clubs.

He has started by the biggest door, mediatized over supporting at one of the most famous Portuguese radios, winning a pastime on Radio Comercial. It was the higher proof, that has shooted him to initial great career. Favoured to be started at djing on academic surroundings, where he played pop hits, as well as pop-rock classics, that had given a great sense of culture and marked his musical style. Since there, he has participate on club organization and event productions from every residence places he cross. In 2003, the great international event of culture, “Experimenta Design”, organized on part music association with Radio Antena 3, gave him national gratitude as DJ, and marked his evolution, congratulated with finalist of the release.

Since then DJ FIDO has been busy, touring the country, he has played in virtually every major venue in Portugal and Spain, and in summer festivals, Elektronic on the Floor, Aguçadoura Beach Party 2005, Moaña Beach, Vigo en Moda, AI Moda Coruña, and most great Portuguese academic events. Most recently, he has played on international gigs at Andorra, Luxemburg, Switzerland, France and Spain. The list is massive, and everywhere the crowds love his blend of great music, Hip Hop, House, Deep House Elektro and Funk, the base for electrifying mixes and a great night out. Playing in so many places meant that DJ FIDO got to work with some of the coolest names in the business. Now FIDO’s music covers a wide variety of styles from all around the planet, and club goers get a kick with the way he senses the crowd’s mood and turns every night into a party. Recently the top Portuguese magazine in the industry “Dance Club” awarded DJ FIDO with the “Most Original DJ” for 2006 thrilled with the way his music is making a mark on the DJ scene and especially on the dance floor.

FIDO are on association with “ALTERNATIVE Sound & Fashion Productions” and “IN MODELS”, on event organization, such as: Musicians performances, thematic parties, MODA, bartender performance, DJs, international acts, live performances, and other night services. At the moment, he’s dedicated to new projects, about radio & music production.

But this is just the beginning, with a busy schedule, a compilation CD on association with a national radio, his first production (maybe on a album format), due later this year we will be hearing a lot more of him and we‘ll love it, What happened so far.

Clubs in Portugal: Industria Agrícola | Vaticano Club | Pacha Ofir | Sound Planet | Século XIX | Sardinha Biba | Sabão Rosa | Vinyl | Prosak | Bib’ Ofir | Rocks | Twins Club | Voice | Santa Gota | S Club | Clube Mercado … and many other Summer Festivals, Elektronic on the Floor, Academic Events – Queima das Fitas, Aguçadoura Beach Party 2005…

International Clubs: Le Casino – France | Zoo Club – Spain| Metropol – Spain| Golden Mines – Spain| Pub Otto – Spain| Domus – Spain| Platinum – Spain| Acrópole – Spain| Coyote – Spain| Inca – Spain| Vinil – Andorra | Croft Club – Luxemburg | Cavetto Club – Switzerland…

Portuguese Djs: Rui Vargas, Dj Vibe, Pete Tha Zouk, Xl Garcia, Carlos Manaça, Yen Sung, Peter G, Miguel Rendeiro, Pedro Tabuada, Miss Blondie, Kika Lewis, Cruzfader, and many, many more…

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DJ FIDO – Feel your body |White Label CDR|

DJ FIDO – The Crook |White Label CDR|


Rob Baksteen vs Prodigy – House Ya (Fido rmx)

Oscar G – Dark Beat (Fido rmx)

DJ FIDO – Smach my head up (Prodigy vs head up apella rmx)

DJ FIDO – Smach my free mind (Prodigy vs free mind paella rmx)

Celeda – Music is the answer (Fido rmx)

Alicia Keys – Keep on falling (Fido rmx)

DJ FIDO – Breathe in the House (Prodigy vs Masters in The House apella rmx)