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Sound-Producer / DJ / Remixer.


Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Elektrax Music, Kaputt, Darknet, Miniaturesrec, Substudio, Diva Records, Naughty Pills, Platinium, Shout, Absolutely, Gate Null, Mystika, Akoom, Android Muziq, Sex Panda, Shape01, Sonar Music, Jays Rec., Roof Audio, Plastik.FM, DSR Digital, Feys Music and many others.

Produced in some albums / eps with :

Luix Spectrum, Dolby D, Commuter, Craft, Josh, Sync Therapy, Unitech, BrettHit, Benton (BCR), Kevin Villa, Monoline, De Hessejung, Larix, Peppelino, AnGy KoRe, Electrorites, Albert Kraner, Manuel Pisu, Mantodea, Gabeen, Deh-Noizer, Peat Noise, Dualitik, Lazy M, Mikael Pfeiffer, Elyptik Trevors, MicRoCheep, Mollo, Hiab, Realsortis, Acida Corporation, Damolh33, wHispeRer, 3phazegenerator, Static Sense, ResiveR, Paride Saraceni, Biohazart, Pierre Delort, Klinika, Slackers Project, Pirania, Enrico Sangiuliano, Gaga, Manu Hell, Plastic Sound, Robin Hirte, Tom Laws, Max Freegrant, Tomy DeClerque, Doctor Trash, Nicolas Cuer, Spartaque, Joy Marquez, Hollen, Phunk Investigation, Voltaxx & Jens Lissat, D-Unity, Timmo, Da Fresh, Mr. Jones, Phase Difference, Afonso Maia, Deep Voice, Danny Fontana, Marko Novakovic, Gymmy J, Nicolas Cuer, NHB & Fabrizio Pettorelli, Elbodrop, Balthazar & Jackrock, Antoni Bios, Hystericmaniak, Stevie Wilson, Fusky, Natalino Nunes, Narkosky, Woo York, Niereich, Monocraft, Mikael Pfeiffer, DCibel, Knobs, M.A.D.A. & Plankton, Wave Form, Mike Ban & Dietmar Wohl, Min & Mal, Frank Sonic, Mike Maass, Caiano & F Red, Forest People, Flex, Omar Serarcangeli, Dandi & Ugo, Pascal Nuzzo, Christian Cambas, Spektre, The Advent, Industrialyzer, Skober, Andrea Frisina, Joy Marquez, Electrorites, MTD, Hackler, Kuch, Gabeen, Cortechs and others.

Feyser – it’s Ukrainian dark techno/techno artist. In 2007, wrote his first song in the style of Trans further delved into techno … In 2010, for the first time had his first release on the label Audio Donor (Ireland).

At the moment, I am the owner of labels Feys Music, Misdeed Records. At the time, from 2010 to 2012, sold about 500-600 tracks and remixes in many shops of the world … At the time of 2012 working on his personal album.

Contact booking / information :

[email protected]

Skype: feyserdj