Fernando Vidal, has moved in the 13 years since radio first was Hanok FM Belgrano in Buenos Aires.A 14 years and had its own program "Operation Clock" went 5-8 in the morni... read more
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Fernando Vidal, has moved in the 13 years since radio first was Hanok FM Belgrano in Buenos Aires.A 14 years and had its own program “Operation Clock” went 5-8 in the morning! ! ! Later he himself into various programs FM Eclipse Mar Del Plata, also at 95.1, 103.9 FM, 96.5 FM etc. At age 18 he was in Buenos Aires with its “Classics and charts” on FM 98 0.3, then led the Argentine version of “Eurochart,” “Hot 105” FM Digital Gray and other cycles music electronica.En 1994 made in Mar del Plata “RPM Summer” on FM 95.9 and was nominated among the best of the 1995 verano.En started to manage their own first draft, I believe in the town of Monte Grande “Radio Model” one of the first electronic radios in the area south of Buenos Aires.En 1996 was Artistic Director of Power Fm in Avellaneda . It was the institutional voice of Power and also one of Playback Fm station Lanus Oeste.En the summer of 1997 led “Energy Popgrama” Energy in radio where also partipaban BBSanzo, Claudio ferraro and Daniel Giles between otros.Compartio next to the Marcelo Toledo producciones.En different voice in 1997 also was the voice of commercial spots and microguias of BMG Argentina.Fue institutional voice alongside Daniel Giles in Vox 102.9, 107.9 Radio Quilmes, Estacion K1, Ideal FM, 91.5 FM Fm and 88.1.En 1998 was Program Director and Announcer institutional Chain 21 of a radio pop / electronica, which also made programs like “Radioactivo” and “The Show”, the production and collaborate in events such as Energy and Rave Parade day . It was the voice of electronic music event Goliath 2000 2000 was the voice of Neo Radio 94.7 and also participates Radio Ele.Tambien in 2000 led “But Deejay” where partiparon among others Dj Ceratti, Ezekiel Dero and Hernan Cattaneo . End of 2000 creates a new format that was registered trademark “Radio Box” where they spent a radio electronica DJs and major figures as National Facu Carri, Ro-K Diego, and Dr. Trincado Who gives Funk.Como dj touches on different events and different places of Buenos Aires and the coast. He was the driver of the first Deejay TV television program dedicated 100% to electronic music. Voice of Discos as Sobremonte, Pueblo Limit, Chocolate, Gap, etc.Innumerables brands have elegido.Los major events this electronic identified by the voice of Fernando Vidal, a man dedicated 100% to radio and the modern electronic music


Fernando Vidal