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Fernando Garibay

Los Angeles, United States

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People often say it’s hard to describe the sound of his records and categorizing him presents an even bigger challenge, but what is truly undeniable and inarguable is that Fernando Garibay is a hit-making producer, DJ and artist. As multi-instrumentalist who plays guitar, keyboards, drums, bass, a formally trained arranger for string and brass sections and a programmer, with a proficiency that rivals top session players but with a uniqueness that only a seasoned “artist” producer yields, he is able to communicate through music unlike anyone else.

Fernando Garibay may be best recognized for being a true chameleon; known for his flexibility between different genres of contemporary pop music without sacrificing the authenticity of each style that usually results with producers trying to tackle such a wide rĂ©pertoire. While specializing in uptempos, but not a stranger to slower tempos, he’s managed to cross-pollinate from urban pop to dance music and vice versa seamlessly and successfully. He can attribute that to his love for the nightlife which makes his approach unique in many ways. Whether he’s spinning one of his latest tracks to a crowded dance floor or writing songs till dawn in his Hollywood studio, the end result is the same, people get excited.

Making records since the age of sixteen, he finds himself only years later with 2 Grammy nominations, five #1’s and several top 10 Billboard Dance records; not to mention numerous hit records both nationally and internationally with such artists as Lady GaGa, U2, and Britney Spears. Fernando Garibay is currently an executive at Interscope Records and is signed to Interscope as an artist and producer with his own imprint Paradise/Interscope. Fernando is managed by Jimmy Lovine, Martin Kierszenbaum and Neil Jacobson.