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Biography 1 (Edgar)

Edgar Fernando Biography

A committed clubber and DJ since he was in his early teens, gifted at picking out top tunes to make the crowd go wild, Edgar Fernando works hard and plays hard to make sure the crowd is having the time of their lives. Usually DJing with his brother Ashley Fernando behind the turntables, you can’t mistake these two similar looking heads in the world of DJing, their bald heads glistening in the lights of the club as their heads bop up and down to the sounds of the music they create. Edgar believes there is no room for mistakes in the world of DJing and makes sure that when he spins for you he will give you the service you deserve. The service? To make your ears appreciate the sounds that he produces and plays. He believes you have to give the crowd what they want, or a taste of what you have to offer, and if they enjoy it then serve the rest.

This creative boy was born in 1978. Edgar as a child would attempt to mix tapes on his parents’ tape deck. Obviously with no pitch control and just a play/pause button, beat matching for this youngster was somewhat hazardous. It was then he realised records were the vital ingredient of DJing and bought some turntables by begging from his parents. This time the decks had pitch control, clever boy! With sighs from his disapproving neighbours he began the journey through music.

Edgar was influenced by the 80s/90s that he grew up in and started to mix predominantly disco and some old skool motown classics – Chic (everybody dance), De La Soul, Arrested Development were just a few of the artists and tracks that he liked and used to play at parties. He started to develop a sound for house music and moved away from the disco, soul scene into house music genre. House music for the Fernando Brother just seemed to get better and better. ‘Sugar is Sweeter’ by CJ Bolland, and ‘You don’t know me’ by Armand Van Helden were just two tracks out of the many that were coming out during the 90s that inspired Edgar. In the beginning of the year 2000, he began to follow those idols in his eyes, Mr Steve Butcher and Danny Foster. These DJs played the freshest house music around London at the time and created a major following. He finally managed to get his own DJ sets at their events and started to get his own following.

Edgar is a sound pioneer; he mixes on all formats but especially loves the CDJ 1000s with a mixture of Serato and Traktor magic, computer programs that seem to be increasingly taking over the DJing world. He has found his foot in the door playing at established venues in London; Pacha, the late Canvas in Kings Cross, The Island in Charring Cross are just some of the clubs he has DJed and held his own nights at. He continues to DJ near his home town in South London near Clapham. One of the many bars and clubs in Clapham is Inigo, a club near Battersea, who have had the likes of Seb Fontaine, Tall Paul, Chris Lake, Richard Dinsdale, Junior J and who have also led the after parties for SW4 (South West Four, one of London’s biggest dance festivals).

Edgar is currently producing tracks in the studio with his brother Ash Fernando, which are due to come out in the next month. He continues to DJ for some of the biggest clubs and promoters in London and continually holds residencies for Inigo and Gigalum Bar/clubs near his home town. Electro, Breakbeat, Breaks and House are the genres of music he focuses on. The journey of music continues to travel through him to each and every other clubber. There are no signs of stopping for Edgar Fernando and the Fernando Bros – watch this space for more news.

Here is a list of just some of the bars and clubs he has Djed at:

Biography 2 (Ashley)

Ashley Fernando Biography

Whichever way you look at it, this ‘Fernando Brother’ oozes personality behind the decks. Whether it’s 10pm at night, or 4am the next morning he’ll give you all the welcoming and energy required to get you, and the crowd dancing.

This little Fernando was born in 1986. The younger of the two Fernando brothers, Ashley as a child would listen to music constantly while most children would be playing on their Nintendo or playstations. His birthday present at 12 years old from his older brother Edgar was a pair of belt driven decks. Now anyone who has been DJing more than a few years in this industry and has used a pair of belt driven decks will tell you these decks are more sensitive than any woman you have ever met. The Little Fernando brother as he calls himself for obvious reasons, spent every night beat matching records until he could spin with his eyes shut. One day he purchased a pair of direct drive decks and cursed his brother for having ever made him use the belt driven decks in the first place, although this practice made him one of the tightest beat matchers around. This lover of music would play and mix any tune you would give him or request from him.

Throughout his teens he heard the sounds of house music and he was instantly addicted. In the 90’s, a major influence for Ashley was Danny Rampling who became a household name with a Radio One show that lasted six years. Ashley continued to DJ at parties, weddings, bars and moving on to high end clubs this boy grew into the man he is today. A lover of latino, old skool garage, funky house, dubstep, Balearic beats breakbeat and electro, he has some of the old time classics purchased on white label that you may not have in your regular music collection. Guaranteed, he will drop that tune during his set that will make you think it was so good back in the day, and you’ll feel like you were born again and going back in time. Ashley Fernando manages to stay on top of the new releases but makes sure he adds enough of the old anthems to get that adrenalin racing. He DJ’s on his beloved CDJ 1000s and usually uses a variety of software, including Traktor, Serato or Ableton. However, he may just play on his CDs or go back to the old skool vinyl.

Ashley Fernando has been in the studio most of his life, and has had the pleasure of meeting some of the big names in hip-hop, rap and the house music industry. He has developed knowledge of what works well to create a unique blend of sounds and samples for tracks that he is currently producing at the moment, and these are soon to come out. Inspired by DJ Steve Butcher, Danny Foster and close friends Tom ‘Bongo’ Bergin, a percussionist, and Darius Gayle our co-producer they created some of the most reputable house nights in South London, and who also let him DJ at their events, he uses these and other similar experiences to make his own music, create his own DJ nights and now what has led to become…the ‘Fernando Bros’.

In the last few years he and his brother have got together to create the ‘Fernando Bros’. Between them they have a variety of tunes keep you hooked on to the dance floor. They work hard together, producing music and organising their ‘Fernando Bros’ nights and inviting special guest DJs to attend. These are proving to be more and more successful as each event goes by. Ladies and Gentleman, The Fernando of the Future, and lover of house music new and old, it’s Ashley Fernando.

Here is a list of just some of the bars and clubs he has Djed at: