Ferier Beatport


When he was a young boy he always had a passion for music but didn’t discover what where the best instruments to play. Were someone got a grip on the guitar and others started singing or hit the drums he tried several instruments but didn’t find the one he liked.

Listening to house music and visited big raves he got in touch with the house virus and that’s were the madness for spinning the wheels begun.

In 1997 he dropped his passion for hardcore/gabber and moved on to another certain level of music and that’s when the house and trance saw the light in his minuscule brain (at that moment). He started spinning in a local club and then moved on to a real disco were he spun for 1,5 years as a resident dj. In that same period he mentioned to play at little parties and got the opportunity to play in 2 of the biggest clubs/discos in the Netherlands were he is still a resident in one of them.

In 2003 he played at a big local party in the region but because of the residency he didn’t play much in other discos or at other parties for several years.

2005 had a remarkable start. He got an urgent phone call at 9 pm and was asked to play at Ferry Corstens vip stage on Trance Energy 2005 in his local town Utrecht. The idea was that he should play for an hour after that Ferry surprised his fans with an exclusive live set! The set of Ferry was approx one hour and he took over with some relaxed trance releases. After spinning for one hour it got very crowded in that area where only 300 people were meant to be. The barricade was removed and the local hero was playing a stunning set of 6 hours you can check his website for the pictures.

After this great experience he is still the resident dj of the Brothers in bunnik but he is dying to produce his own records and play more at other parties and in clubs.