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Fergie & Sadrian comprises Fernando Picciano and Adrian Sartore. These two producers are based in Buenos Aires and influenced by the Uplifting trance & tech trance sound of producers such as Simon Patterson, Christopher Lawrence, Bryan Kearney, John Askew, Activa and Reaky.

The duo met in mid-2009 and produced their first release “Voyage”. The track was released by Soviet Recording and supported by Suzy Solar, Christopher Lawrence, Bart Claessen and many more.

Busy in the studio in 2010, they produced two outstanding remixes “Flash Fire” by TranceLicious and “Try” by Roger Antux. The duo also released their first EP, which is called “Trance Traffic Ahead”. Fergie & Sadrian currently doing a collaboration with fellow singer Tartarus and Michelle Hutcheson titled “Beyond the Rainbow”.

Other projects include production in conjunction with Tartarus and Jan Johnston, plus remixes of the tracks “Define Love” and “Somethings Missing”.?

In June 2011 Fergie & Sadrian released a new EP on Pharmacy Music, which comprises the tracks “Musulman T” & “Understand Nothing”. Support in by everyone from Activa, Binary Finary, Jonathan Allyn, Magnus, Manuel Le Saux, Paul Trainer and more.

Early in 2012 unleash their newest track “Little Boy”. Fergie & Sadrian have included the remix of Sean J Morris and Monroe Ramirez.