Felli Beatport


Felli’s love of music started back in the day breakdancing in the middle of the street on 2 big pieces of cardboard, busting out headspins and windmills to the freshest hip-hop beats. But it was in his teen years when he when he fell in love with alternative dance music, although still needing that funky beat, listening to groups like Happy Mondays, Stone Roses, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242. Then in early 1991 while working at bar he heard a totally new innovative sound called Techno. A few months later he purchased his 1st set of decks, practicing every day and night while his mother was complaining about this boom boom music. His persistence would lead him to make his mark on the NYC House scene.

Having been djing since 1991, Felli became record buyer for Special Sauce in 1994 and after becoming one of the resident djs for then notorious NY Rave club Caffeine (1995-1997) the logical progression was to get into the studio and produce something special he could consider his own. After spending years of long hours championing their production skills the crew became ready to release some original material, having released their first record in 1998 on Caffeine Records (two more breaks records would quickly follow.) But having known that it would be a very difficult task to get all of their productions signed by other labels they decided the only way their music would be released was to form a label they could call their own. In 2002 their first deep house label, Unyted Recordings (deep jazzy house) was born. Stupendous Music (dirty tech-house) would follow just weeks later

Stupendous is a Brooklyn based label with a unique style that fuses dubby, trippy and twisted house music geared for the dance floor. This well established label is making waves in the house community with their own flavor. Many of their tracks have been played by heavy hitters such as: Tyler Stadius, Mazi, Doc Martin, Murray Richardson, David Duriez, Terry Francis, Asad and many others. Stupendous has also commissioned artists such as Jay Tripwire, Gideon Jackson, Marky Star, Grant Dell and Community Recordings to produce original tracks as well as remixes for the label. This label has many great things in store for the future that will surely make Stupendous a well recognized name in the house community.

Although Jim Felli is an integral piece of the Stupendous crew, djing is his roots and will always be his 1st love. From deep to tough jacking grooves, throwing down a unique blend of pumpin dubby house with teched up beats, seamless mixing abilities, and weaving in and out of tracks is what he does best.

DJ Highlights:

NY – Resident DJ Caffeine, NYC – Tunnel, Twilo, Roxy, Vinyl, Sullivan Room, Limelight

USA-Eastcoast – Philly, Boston, NJ, Conn, Providence, Washington D.C., Miami

International: Canada-Montreal, Quebec, Austria-Vienna, Hungary-Budapest, Poland-Krakow, UK-London, Czech Republic-Prague, Teplice Slovakia-Bratislava, Puchov