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Feli Xus

Jirkov, Czech Republic

Electro House, House

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Felixus – the DJ, producer and editor in one person. He says about himself: “For me, DJing is never-ending life style which I would die for. Don’t want just to play music for people. I want to give them something more in the any other way.”

He proves this by sharing a DJ work with listeners, readers or with the audience at dance parties. It is undoubtedly a step into a right way. That is why, He does not want to be ranked as an ordinary DJ as He feels, each one of performers should be unique and irreplaceable. It is about thoughtful work in his case, especially about the music and also full-scaled analysis of DJing itself. That proves again He belongs into group of DJs which does not feel the DJing just like a fun or hobby but as the truly life style.

Felixus (Jiri Stadnik) was born 10th October 1985 in Most, Czech Republic. He has been enraptured by contemporary dance music in 1992-93. In spite of his low age, He is discovering a posibility to mix the music by using two tape-recorders and a microphone. This equipment was owned by his father for non-DJing use. He just keeps loving the music and sound since 1999, what brings up an opportunity to become a sound engineer of one-night final school representation academy saying goodbye to elementary school he has been visiting.

Tip-off on his future career in past years is accomplished in 2004 while promotes (with the best friend Petr Bartak) the legendary three summer parties in Spejchar hotel, located in Vtelno – Most (CZ), which they were very successful. This is the first impulse prefiguring His future life style. He would sacrifice everything for. He buys sound devices and much practising the music mixing. Moving to Chomutov in 2006 is the only way to be really independent.

Discovering of non-commercial music early 2008 makes his sets much moody and even much professional. FREEDJ – The project for independent DJs has been created by himself same year and this is world’s first and the only one of its kind. This website includes many articles, tips & tricks and opinions. The project’s intention is commercial influences to be eliminated and to make a difference between each DJ sorted by sound equipment they use, to be stopped.

Starting with his own music production at the end of 2008 brings up a product – club-house track called “The Trumpet Ignition” with lots of trumpet samples and dancing vibes. We can expect more similar tracks, like club-house or electro house from him.

It has been incredibly long journey (and still carry on) to chase a dream and life style. But this journey has not been finished yet. We can expect this talented DJ and producer being surprise us in future.