Top 50k on The DJ List

Fed X

Barcelona, Spain



With more than 10 years dedicated to the house music, Dj Fed X has formed part of the group HOUSE CORPORATION and has punctured in the better cabins of Buenos Aires and of the interior of Argentina, as for example: – Bs As News (next to Dj Aldo Haydar) – Special – Brandon Gay Day – Bubble House Party – El Dorado – La Cigale – Electroclub (dj resident) – Platform Sonorous Festival I and II – Dumm (next to Club Rayo) – Muy Paris Cafe – Art Bar – Zutra

In Barcelona had its first residence in the refreshment stand BOGATELL during

the summer 2004 where besides participated with a session of 5 continued hours in the crowded festival at night of Sant Joan of that same year. Then him has another residence in Local Bar, in the zone of the Born of Barcelona. During

that period, step too by the turntables of clubs as: – Pacha BCN – The Cathedral (L´Hospitalet de Llobregat) – Districto Diagonal – Jolie Cosmonaute – Me Paso el dia Bailando (Pink Fish Event) – Le Kasbah – Domestic Club In the European summer 2005, produced the SENSORIAL event in the beach of the

Nova MarBella (BCN) where each Sunday he call to almost 300 people in the sand of the coast of Barcelona. And he obtained his third residence in Spanish

floor, in the refreshment stand Nueva Ola (Beach of the Nova MarBella – BCN)

At present in assets, FedX is working at his home-studio making his first release.