Top 25k on The DJ List


Medellín, Colombia

House, Trance

Fede Beatport


Trance is an evolution from progressive house and techno. Trance is designed to take the listener on an inner journey and so features extended journey motifs with repeating and cyclic hypnotic elements. Trance also tends to be more densely layered and intense than techno.

At present, trance is as much about who plays the music as it is about what it sounds like. Trance has transcended the underground scene to become the most popular form of electronic dance music, and a figure in the realm of popular music for all of this FEDERICO OCAMPO musical career started from admirable beginnings in 1999, playing hard trance in the laundry of a bed and breakfast in London with his mate JHON SALAZAR, a fellow DJ becoming well known in London. It is does not matter where o when you play, you just have to be with a good energy and bringing all of this to yourself.

In 2003, Fede and his mate Jhon moved to Fulham, building their own studio at the back of 215 LILLIE ROAD. The studio was a dream made possible thanks to VERO, LUCHO, PAULA, KLICHE Y JUANDA.

Spending freezing nights in the 215 mixing with a passion it was not long until FEDE premiered as a DJ in London at a private party mixing it up for a crowd of over 50 pax including, just the beginning. The night was a raging success and so begun, FEDE s journey of good music and great parties, playing in well known venues such as Soho bar, Clapham bar, St Albans Club and thirst bar.

After 7 long and beautiful years in the UK, FEDE and his good energy has returned home to Medellin, Colombia. In various nightclubs around Medellin, FEDE is showing his people what he knows about the culture of partying London-style.

So what has been the secret to Fede’s success? “Hard work, good feelings, passion for what he does and a lot of luck.” It’s sometimes difficult to understand this world; you just have to go inside.

So do not forget, music is a journey of happiness and not a station to stop.