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Feature Prez

Sydney, Australia

House, Tech House

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Born in 1982 in Calgary – Alberta, Canada – Feature Prez (Graydon Gibson) started mixing hip hop beats when he was still in high school. Throughout the following years his interests started shifting towards making videos.

In 2006 he left his hometown behind and brought himself and his camera downunder. After a long journey to and around Australia it came the decision of settling down in Sydney. With over 10 years of footage under his belt it was about time to start creating something new.

With a natural ability to perfectly combine vision and sound, his edited videos were turning out to be original and his style of making them quickly morphed into music videos. At the same time he was inducted into the world of electronic music. This was the moment that his love for the music ignited. The next step was to start editing videos of his own travels with house music tracks, but still there was something missing…

Leaving his DJ equipment behind in Canada left Feature Prez with an itch that wasn’t getting scratched. It was time to get behind the decks again!

His destiny became certain when he set his eyes on the world’s first audio/visual DJmixer, the pioneer svm-1000. This mixer gave him the ability to mix and manipulate sound and vision at the same time.Within a couple of weeks and thanks to someone who believed in him and his dream, that mixer along with two DVDJ turntables were in his control.

So now, with a passion for making creative videos and mixing beats, Feature Prez has fused these two passions to produce a unique,entertaining and live audiovisual show.

He is not only a DJ who mixes bumpin tracks, he also utilizes more than one medium to create a spectacular show. By integrating his edited videos, live cameras and music, he stimulates crowds in more than one way. Using the pioneer svm-1000 gives Feature Prez total control of not only the music but also the visual element. Combining these two dimensions together requires a lot of sharpened skills and concentration. He is always thinking of new and innovative ways to mix his videos and music which allows him to create a show that will really stand out.