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Fear of Theydon is the artist moniker of Essex-born music producer Julian Peck who, shortly after nestling down in the East London no-man’s land of Bow in 2006, started his career as a humble tea boy at Sunday Best, the UK Indie record label owned by BBC Radio 1 DJ and Bestival head honcho Rob da Bank.

da Bank was serruptitiously handed a CDR by a supportive member of staff containing Kate Bush vs Mr Whelk ‘Whelkbusting’, an early bootleg made under a short-lived Fear of Theydon pseudonym, and Rob fortuitously gave the track its first Radio 1 play, which was the launching pad has that spurred on Fear of Theydon’s growing dedication for all things remix.

Julian’s debut ‘This is Fear of Theydon EP‘, released on Sunday Best recordings later in 2007, was received with an unexpected level of critical acclaim and quickly landed his remix of Grand National’s ‘Rub Your Potion’ on two prestigious compilations: ‘Global Underground Mixed:2‘ and ‘Andy Cato presents: Cafe Mambo‘, both of which were a huge coup for a still embryonic producer.

The success of his EP demarked the start of what has since become a long string of official releases for Sunday Best, first under Julian’s F.o.T name then later under the ‘Sunday Best Remix’ pseudonym, which the label formally assigned to him in 2008. These Sunday Best remixes feature on various singles from dan le sac Vs Scroobius Pip, David E. Sugar, Dub Pistols, David Lynch, Beardyman, Lemonade, Lucky Elephant, Ebony Bones! and other acts from the label.

In the last two years, outside of his work for the label, Fear of Theydon production credits have extended to include assisting on a handful of Rob da Bank’s own official remixes for acts like MGMT, Passion Pit, Amadou & Mariam and Editors as well as having Fear of Theydon remixes commissioned and released for Incarnations [Lovemonk Records], Tickler Tea & Magic Fuzz [Jack-to-Phono], James Delay [Russell Club Records], The CB’s [Jam City Records], with plenty more instore for 2011…

Five years on from those modest beginnings making tea at Sunday Best, it seems the fruits of all this labour are finally set to ripen in 2011 with co-productions with artists James Bright, Sean Brosnan, Pete Gooding and London band Citizens in progress, as well as an ever-growing body of song-writing collaborations with some of his heroes – including Merz, Mantler, Rachael Dadd, La Rudd [Grand National] and Simon Lord [Black Ghosts/Simian]…

Keep your ears open and eyes peeled. Fear of Theydon might be little closer to your record collection than you realise…